Did you know that the average person won’t stay on the homepage of your website for more than 15 seconds? It’s true! No matter how great the design, copy or experience is on your site, if someone isn’t captured in 15 seconds or less, they are clicking away…

Add to that, of those people who aren’t immediately engaged and click away, 70%-96% will never return to your site.

Although capturing a potential customer’s attention is tougher than ever, it’s also more important than ever before. Keeping users on your site for as long as possible should be one of the main goals of your marketing strategy. Why? Because, the longer they stay on your site, the more likely they are to engage and purchase your product!

Now, if you just stop there, you may leave this blog post a little bummed out, stressed, or both and we certainly don’t want that! The obvious question is: “How do I keep users engaged on my site? How do I fix this?” While there a tons of ways to capture and engage users on your site, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of having a video explainer on your website.

“Videos are one of the most effective, interactive, and engaging form of content. Adding videos to your pages can boost user engagement and will increase the time users spend on your website.” — Optinmonster

3 Benefits of Using a Video Explainer on Your Website:

It offers a lot of bang for your buck!

Video is more powerful than words alone.

It’s estimated that 1 minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words – talk about bang for your buck! By creating an informative, entertaining and concise video, you will reach users far more than a paragraph of text ever could! Not to mention that video explainers are a lot more affordable than you think.

It captures your audience from the start!

A video explainer is the perfect way to do this. By having a video explaining your story, message or product as the first thing a user sees, you will have a much greater chance of locking in that potential customer and getting them to stay on the site. Why? Because it’s been shown that users will stay on a page longer to watch a video and are more likely to click away if there isn’t one.

We highly recommend using a video explainer on your homepage and if possible, at the very top in the center. When a user clicks on to the site, this is literally the first thing they will see. Users engage with video far more than large batches of written text as we’ve discussed. They can take in information quickly and understand what’s happening with minimal effort. For this type of video, we recommend 60-90 seconds and we have seen incredible client success for those that use their videos this way!

It can increase sale conversion rates!

Video explainers become particularly powerful when you need to promote or explain one of your product offerings. 90% of consumers rely on product videos to make their decision in the buying process. By explaining a product through a video explainer, you are far more likely to capture that user and convert them into a customer.
Video explainers can be powerful tools. Your website, customers, and business will both benefit and grow when you have the right video in place. Want to get the process started on your own video explainer – it’s way easier than you think! Just click here.