I don’t need to tell you that video is taking over the web. It’s not some future trend—it’s happening right now, and it has been for years. A recent study says online video will account for over 82% of all consumer Internet traffic in just a few short years. That’s huge!

And yet, despite that fact most businesses still aren’t using video. Why? The answer is simple: they don’t know how to make good video, or they’re afraid of looking foolish. Be afraid no more and take the pressure of yourself. You don’t have to have a casting call for the perfect actor/actress to get your business where you want it to be. How is that? The answer is animated videos.

Animation is More Captivating

Animation invites people to watch longer and comes across as more professional and trustworthy. With that, It’s easier to explain concepts that are complex with motion because motion makes it easier for the audience to follow along. Animation doesn’t have the same ‘stiff’ feel as live action footage. People will pay attention if they know what you have to say.

Animation is More Affordable

Want to include fast cars and explosions? What about a unicorn explaining how your latest product works? Odd, but sure. Most internal budgets for videos don’t extend that far which results in poor quality or no follow through. With animation, anything is possible. Animated videos are cheaper, faster, and more effective at reaching your audience. You can easily share them on social media or embed them on your website without breaking the bank. Its simple!

Animation Can Explain Anything

Animation can help you explain anything! Unlike live action videos, you can easily expand your animation as your needs grow.

For example:

– If you want to explain a complicated idea, or teach someone how to do something new (like build robots)

– What about diversify your HR trainings?

– Are you needing to fundraise for a specific cause or nonprofit?

Most of the time, videos with live people explaining the things above are such a drag and you’re hovering your curser over the bottom of the screen to see how much time is left. However, imagine your video *actually* being one that people want to view and aren’t wishing it was already over.

Animation is More Versatile

That’s right, animation is more versatile than live action. And you can do so much with it:

– Motion graphics and animation can illustrate a script without the need for actors or voiceovers

– Animation gives your story depth and dimension—making it much more interesting than live action

– The right animators can bring anything to life, from people and places to buildings, food, water, and anything else you can think of

– Animation makes your videos more shareable. That means they’ll have a higher chance of being seen by the people who need to see them most!

Okay, you now know why animated videos are better than videos with real people in them, you probably want to know which one you should choose. The answer is simple: it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If your goal is to accurately display information, tell a story and save money, an animated video will work great.