There are all sorts of ways to be fundraising as a nonprofit. You can hold bake sales, car washes, or even benefit concerts. But have you ever considered using animated videos?

We know – it might not be the traditional way to fundraise, but we think it’s an especially impactful one. Let us explain.

Animated videos are a great way to tell stories – something that we know your nonprofit has plenty of.  

They can be very effective with potential donors and are easy to share on social media, which helps expand your audience.

Sound interesting? Here are a few tips for using animated videos for fundraising:

Tell your story.

Nonprofits are incredible at storytelling.  By telling a clear story, organizations can motivate people to do everything from donating their time to writing a check.  

But instead of simply stating the problem and your organization’s solution, personalize the story: how does it impact you? What good have you seen in the world?

Animation is a natural storytelling “language” that is universally embraced. By pairing an impactful story with an impactful medium, nonprofits can greatly expand their reach.

Keep it short and sweet.

At the same time, though, keep it succinct. Nothing will lose an audience’s attention as quickly as a video that just … doesn’t … end. 

People have short attention spans, so keep your video under 2 minutes.  You don’t want to lose your audience’s attention before you make your pitch.

Make it visually appealing.

Viewers will notice the quality of a video before its message. It’s important to make sure that your animation is high-quality. Make sure to use sharp graphics and crystal-clear audio. By making a quality video, you’ll ensure that people are tuned in to your important information.

JumpStart Video brings an outstanding animation and marketing ability to our non-profit and fundraising clients. We specialize in straightforward, appealing animation that breaks down concepts effectively while delivering clear messages.

We work with non-profits to produce fundraising animated explainer videos that define their purpose is clear, appealing ways. At JumpStart Video, we offer a few formats that work particularly well for charitable organizations. These include:

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are popular for several reasons. Their simple design makes them easy to grasp. Whiteboard videos have an almost hypnotic quality that viewers can’t help but focus on. They’re perfect for breaking down complex topics and issues and laying out your non-profit’s mission in terms everyone can understand.

Modern Color Animations

Whether you work with a new organization that is just getting started or a well-established charity looking to change its focus, a modern color animation can be a great tool to boost your message.

Full of compelling visuals that resound with wider audiences, this format is well-suited to generate immediate interest in your organization’s story.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Following the tradition of classic business marketing, brief explainer videos are graphics-driven presentations that are perfect to introduce your charity to new audiences. Ideal for an online audience, motion graphics explainer videos can bring your non-profit instant recognition with strong imagery and captivating narration.

2D Character Animation

Also known as cutout animation, the 2D character format is in high demand for its storytelling and characterization qualities. With sharp, simple visuals and relatable characters, 2D character animation is a great way to build distinct narratives that strike a chord with your audience.

4. Include a call to action.

Include a Call-to-Action.

By the end of your video, we have no doubt that your audience will be highly motivated and ready to spring into action. But will they know what to do?

It’s important to include a clear call-to-action that gives your audience tangible next steps. What do you want them to do? Visit your website? Volunteer their time? Donate money? Wrapping up your animated video with a clear request helps bridge the gap between awareness and action.

Is your nonprofit ready to take the next step with animation? We have no doubt that this creative medium will benefit your organization. Reach out today, and let’s get started!