You gear your marketing initiatives to maximize exposure to potential customers. This is basic knowledge, of course. The more people involved in a market the better! Well in this case a space containing 500 million daily active users is practically a gold mine! Look no further because that gold mine is the advertising space of Facebook stories. Here’s why you should consider using animated videos for Facebook stories.

Facebook Story Advantages

Placed at the very top of every user’s news feed, the user experience places Facebook stories in an unignorable place in the line of sight. To see what old high school friends are up to, update the world on your life’s recent happenings, or tell someone happy birthday on Facebook – all of these actions require opening the Facebook app, or desktop sight, to see a line of stories. This is a tremendous advantage in advertising on social media considering that Facebook has recently adjusted its site’s metrics to help weed out the appearance of content marketing. Facebook stories afford the opportunity to metaphorically skip the line, go straight to the front, and into the potential customer’s viewpoint.

How to use Facebook Stories

We’ve established that any business interested in pursuing content marketing should be harnessing the power of Facebook stories. That still leaves the door wide open to possibilities. Great opportunities can only be leveraged with a targeted plan! Fortunately, we have the perfect idea to help you capitalize on the untapped potential of advertising on Facebook stories. 

Use animated videos for Facebook stories

Animated Videos for Facebook Stories

Playful, creative, and visually appealing format, animated videos afford the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers scrolling through Facebook. Animation can be tailored to captivate a younger, more youthful audience with the visual form’s more modern aesthetic appeal. Or nostalgia – an incredibly motivating emotion – can be triggered while marketing to an older clientele, using animation to connect your business’s product to a sense of joy forgotten since childhood. If neither of these purposes suits your needs, animation can simply be used to explain the use of your company in an easy-to-understand format as opposed to a jargony, drawn-out, still-image instructional. With animation there are these possibilities and so much more. The fact is your business can benefit from all that animated videos have to offer for content marketing. 

How To Get Started Using Animated Videos for Facebook Stories

Now that you are certain that you want animated videos for use in your Facebook stories, we have the next step for you to take. Professional, economic options for animated video productions can be taken care of right here. Every content marketing campaign can realize the full benefits that the digital form has to offer. Do yourself and your customers a favor, invest in video animation, and use it on your Facebook stories!