The 2020 holiday season is finally here, and people are shopping online at unprecedented rates. Almost every industry is oversaturated. If you’ve been relying on paid ads and social media posts to drive traffic, you’re halfway there. To gain a competitive edge and drive more conversions, though, you need to think outside the box. Consumers are inundated by boosted posts and sales promotions. What will get them to the Checkout page? Knowledge. That’s where explainer videos come in.

What are Explainer Videos?

Video content is the number-one form of online content, and explainer videos are an excellent way to attract organic traffic. If you’ve ever searched YouTube for how to jump a car or repair a toilet, you’ve found an explainer video. These videos typically introduce a problem, then show step-by-step instructions on how to solve that problem. They can also give an overview of a topic, such as the types or best uses of a certain product.

Explainer videos can be animated, live-action, or a combination thereof. The best explainer videos answer a question, e.g. “How do I fix a flat?” then help the viewer envision themselves solving the problem. The goal of an explainer video should be to boost the viewer’s confidence in the topic. (We’ll explain why this is important in a minute.)  

How Explainer Videos Boost Sales

Many brands use explainer videos as part of their content marketing. However, you can use explainer videos to promote sales as well. Think of it this way: consumers are in a rush. They don’t want to sift through product specs or lengthy tutorials. They want instant answers and confidence. An explainer video for your product can touch on their pain points, overcome objections, and promote benefits in mere minutes. 

Explainer videos also help customers realize the appeal of your product. They offer an opportunity to imagine themselves with your product and enjoying its benefits! Remember, they want to know that they’re spending their money on something worthwhile. Videos give them an immersive way to evaluate your offering that plain sales copy and photos simply can’t provide! 

The chief benefit of explainer videos, however, is that your brand can forge a stronger connection with your target customers. Consumers are walking a fine line during the holiday season. They want to get good deals and buy valuable gifts, but they’re wary of scams and nervous about overspending. When you release a video, you can show your brand’s authority, relevance, and emotional appeal — all of which are crucial to driving conversions. 

Tips for Great Explainer Videos

Not all explainer videos are made alike! Boring or confusing videos are worse than no videos at all. Here are our tips for making amazing explainer videos that convert holiday sales.

Use titles or captions. Most of your audience will be viewing your video on their phone, and they may not have the sound on. Make sure they can still understand your video by including embedded captions, subtitles, or title cards.

Avoid the “talking head.” No one likes to see a static camera angle of someone talking for three minutes straight. Mix it up by cutting in closeups of the product, animated illustrations, or footage of someone using the product.

Make sure it’s well-lit. A grainy, dark video is a sure-fire way to drive away viewers. You can absolutely use a modern smartphone to shoot the video, but we recommend using professional-grade illumination such as ring lights, lightboxes, or photographer’s studio lighting so that people can clearly see your product and any demos and then combine it with animation.

Call them to action. Make sure you have a strong CTA at the end of the video so the viewer knows what their next step should be in the buying process.

Explainer Videos this Holiday Season

Ultimately, video content gives consumers a chance to imagine themselves with your product and feel more connected with your product. Those two benefits go a long way toward driving them down your sales funnel. And remember, many of your competitors are relying on discounts and paid ads to get sales. If you can tap into customers’ curiosity and help them engage with your brand, you’re that much closer to landing their business. Explainer videos are the perfect way to do this. Happy shooting!