Video content is a crucial part of an effective digital marketing strategy. Your target audience can more easily connect with your brand message as they seek out high-value videos to watch. Plus, video ads and social posts tend to draw more attention and engagement than static posts. Still, the goal of your video marketing is to drive conversions. Here’s how to create video campaigns that deliver results.

Choose Your Why

Before you even create your first video, develop a comprehensive plan of action for the entire campaign. List the goals and outcomes you want to achieve, then determine the structure and shape of the campaign: number of videos, length of each video, how the videos connect to each other, etc. Then, identify the metrics that will help you measure results.

Know Your Audience

You have your target personas laid out, but do you understand how, when, and where they want to access content? Video marketing is much more than simply posting a video on social media. Don’t waste time releasing video content on platforms where your audience won’t engage. Do your research before you dive in. You should also know your audience’s primary interests and problems, then create videos to match those.

Identify Your Story

No one wants to watch videos that seem random, pointless, or overly promotional. Decide what story you want to tell your audience and the impact you want it to have. Do you want to inspire, educate, or inform them? Determine the key points you need to get across, then craft your videos around these core messages.

Guide Your Audience

Without a clear call-to-action, your viewers may enjoy and engage with your video, then move on to the next thing. Don’t let them click away without taking a step down your funnel. Have a clear CTA that shows your audience what’s in store for them and how you’re providing value. You should also the next video in the campaign and refer back to other videos to encourage viewers to watch more of your content.

Drive Conversions with Video

Driving conversions through a video campaign comes down to clarity. You should have a clear message, story, and call-to-action. Situate your videos in a well-developed structure that feeds into your funnel and supports your key messaging. Be sure to measure and test results, such as the number of CTA clicks and which platform best serves your videos, to achieve optimal results. Video campaigns have immense potential to draw in viewers and keep them engaged, but only if they maintain internal consistency and clarity to build trust among your viewers.

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