You’ve probably seen whiteboard videos, video explainers, or other types of animated videos being used more and more in the marketing space over the past few years. Why is that? Why are marketers using more video than ever before and how can your company benefit from some of these same strategies? Read on!

Video is Everything

More than half of all Americans watch videos in the digital space on a regular basis. In fact, 73% of all Americans engage with YouTube specifically – not to mention other social platforms where video is used regularly for digital marketing purposes.

You may wonder, “Why is video everything? What makes this medium so effective?” We’re glad you asked!

Attention Spans are Shorter Than Ever

A new study from Microsoft discovered that a person’s attention span is actually less than the notoriously non-focused goldfish. A person in 2019 averages around 8 seconds in attention span. Add to that, the average person won’t even spend more than 10-20 seconds on a single web page if they don’t see something worth staying for – and quickly.

That’s sounds crazy right? But, with a fast paced digital world, our brains have adapted to needing instant gratification and easily accessible information.

Enter… the video explainer!

By creating video content that targets your audience in a quick, fun and easily digestible way you will be able to

stop the scroll


keep potential customers

on your web site

for longer.

Ultimately, this will continue to bring them back for more and develop them into an actual customer.

Video explainers come in many different forms. From text driven, to animated, and graphic or icon heavy – they all have their place and can be extremely beneficial in drawing in new leads and closing more sales with your customer base.

So, now that you understand why video is so crucial and why it’s being used so heavily in the marketing space, how can it specifically benefit or be utilized by your company or organization?

Tell Your Story

Clarifying who you are as an organization or company is crucial in developing new leads, closing sales, and creating customers for life.

As Donald Miller of Storybrand says “If you confuse, you’ll lose. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you clarify your message, customers will listen.”

A video explainer is the perfect way to tell your story in a fun, quick and easy way. Consider doing an overview whiteboard video of how your company got started.

Offer an Alternative

When there is a gap in the market, great entrepreneurs fill that gap. Many times, the cost of filling that gap is great. Maybe your company or organization has something amazing to offer, but a small budget is restricting you. A video explainer is the perfect way to showcase what you can offer, what the other guys aren’t, and how you can offer quality that no one else can, all at a price that you can actually afford. Consider a modern color animation video explainer to wow your audience.

Explain in Greater Detail

Maybe you have a product or service that you really believe in, but isn’t selling like you would like it to. Maybe the product isn’t the problem, it just needs further clarification. Remember, clarity is what will make your customers listen! A video explainer series could be the perfect way to clarify different products or services and showcase a different one in each video. We have had many clients experience success with spotlighting specific products or services with their own dedicated videos. Consider a 2D character video explainer for a service and a whiteboard or modern color video for physical products.

These are just a few of the ways you can leverage video explainers in your digital marketing efforts. For more tips on using video explainers to drive new leads and close more sales, make sure to come back to the blog or visit our site anytime!