If you’ve been online the past few years, then you’re likely familiar with the social media platform TikTok. But in case you have been living under a rock, TikTok is a social media platform that specializes in short-form video — generally between 15-30 seconds. Utilizing TikTok marketing allows content creators to add sound and put a personal spin on a video, or apply editing to produce higher quality or more entertaining videos. Exploding in popularity, TikTok has created its own self-sufficient pop culture of sorts. Personal events of the most popular stars hit the tabloids like those in Hollywood.

To compete with Tiktok’s popularity, Instagram recently launched its “TikTok alternative”: Reels. Reels also utilize short-form video, and they entertain their users by producing engaging videos. How does this impact your business? Do not worry! We have answers. With this emerging market, attention is up for grabs with large numbers of social media users scrolling for entertainment. Take advantage of these scrolls and put your content in front of impressionable eyes! Do this by making the most out of your short-form video clips. Here are some steps to take to make your videos truly pop.

Use Animations in TikTok Marketing

You have a maximum of 30 seconds to tell a story, make a soft pitch, build trust with your audience, and leave people wanting more. If you don’t grab their attention at first sight, those 30 seconds can quickly turn into 5 seconds (or maybe even zero) as potential viewers scroll through to the next video. People love animations. That’s why nearly every child woke up early on Saturday mornings for cartoons! Utilize this form of media to quickly grab attention and create a bit more buy-in from your audience. 

Add Captions

Reels and TikTok Marketing
Reel and TikTok Marketing

The chances that your viewers will be sitting alone in a quiet room, utterly absorbed by your video, are quite slim. Though it would be nice, practically speaking, it’s much more likely that the people looking to watch your short-form video reels will be bored in the car, waiting for an appointment, or sitting down between errands. With children running around, people talking, and noise in the background you need to make sure the message of your videos gets across. Captions are a surefire of getting your point across to viewers. Each person who watches your video won’t take the time to carefully discern what’s being said. Captions make it easy for the audience to know what is happening without using up all of their awareness. 

Use Series

Leave the people wanting more, and then give them more! Using a series of short-form video reels, like with TikTok marketing, will allow you to deliver more information to your audience while building more complex narratives with a higher ceiling for engagement. What would Friends be if it were only one episode? How about Breaking Bad? No, these shows were great because of the investment that can only come with series! As with these shows, you can do the same with your video content marketing. 

Get started with Reels and TikTok Marketing today

Now that we have laid out some great ideas to capitalize on the TikTok trend, it’s time to get started! Even better news, here at JumpStart we have everything you need to expand your video content marketing. We have done highly successful video campaign series in the past. JumpStart Video has top-notch animators and we will work directly with you to get your message out to your specific target audience. We would love to be able to get started and make sure your company is marketed to its full potential. So don’t wait! Get started with JumpStart today!