– Hey, what’s up! Thanks for joining us for another tip video here on the JumpStart Video YouTube channel. As always, my name is Joel Young. I’m the owner and creative director here at JumpStart, and today I wanna go through the steps on how to write a great script. This is something that we actually include as a part of our service, so this is a process-orientated question helping you understand how we go through the process and maybe if you wanna take a crack at yourself. But if you hire us, not something you need to worry about because you’ll have a professional script writer doing this for you. But I thought I would take you through because people often ask, is there a template? Is there a formula that we should follow when writing a script? And the answer is yes. 

Every good marketing video should follow somewhat of a formula. Though there’s room for creativity and interpretation for each individual video, this is the process that we follow for writing every single script so that will help you make a video that converts. 

So it starts, I got notes, first and foremost with the problem. You need to present a problem, create tension at the beginning of the script. Something that, in the mind of your viewer, is a serious issue. 

Then you need to relate that problem to the viewer or to your audience. If you take a problem and you connect it to their life, they can see it in their life, then they have a need for a resolution. 

Then, third, you present yourself, your business, your product, your service as the solution. So once there’s a problem, once there’s tension, you wanna present yourself or put yourself in the position to be the solution. 

And follow that number four by differentiating yourself with the reasons why your solution is maybe better than other solutions. Very few things are completely and totally unique and one of a kind, so you’re going to need to include some detail for differentiating yourself as a solution. 

And then finally, the fifth step in writing a good script, you know what it is? You need to call your viewers to action. You need to tell them to go do something. Click something, buy something, go here, go there, go anywhere. Tell them to do something. And realize that people watching a video, video viewers, are only going to take one thing away. One thing away. They’re gonna remember the last thing you say more than anything else. All the rest of the video is simply there to support the call to action. So you have to remember to tell them to do something specific at the end of the video. 

These are the five ingredients to a great script. And let me run ’em down one more time for ya, I’ll put ’em here on the screen so you know. First, present a problem. Relate the problem to your audience. Present yourself as the solution. Differentiate yourself as the solution, and call your audience to action. 

Guys and gals, if you follow these five steps, put these things into your script, because if you hire us we’re going to, then you will have video that will convert better, will draw people in, and will identify the proper viewer for the video. Because the key for the right conversation rates is getting people who need to watch the video to watch it. Getting the right eyeballs in front of the screen. And by doing these things, following these things, people will very quickly be able to watch the first few seconds of your video and say, this applies to me. This is what I need. I have this problem. Tell me the solution. And this is just all setting you up to be the solution. 

Thanks so much for watching yet another tip video here with us on the JumpStart YouTube channel. We post these all the time, please come back, subscribe if you haven’t already. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Maybe tell us about a script writing fiasco that you’ve had, or maybe a great script writing experience that you’ve had. Whatever it is, share your comments and your thoughts below. We love hearing them. Subscribe, come back to the channel often for more videos like this. Tips and tricks on video marketing, video creation, all things video. We are, we make animation accessible by creating affordable explainer videos. 

As always, I’ve been Joel Young and you guys have been great.