If you feel like you need new ways to attract customers, video content is an incredibly effective way to boost your brand recognition and bring in more business. In fact, seventy-six percent of marketers say that video converts more customers than any other form of marketing! Video content is a powerful medium for building your business’ reputation and conversions!

Building a Following

In order to gain a larger following for your brand, you have to build up a reputation first. This can be a difficult task considering the fact that you’re competing with brands all over the world. It can be especially challenging when these brands have already developed a trusting and loyal client base.

If you’re a new business and are finding it challenging to find customers who can not only find your brand via social media but also trust it enough to purchase products or services, video content is where you should start!

There are several ways in which videos can help boost your visibility and build your business reputation. 

How Can Video Content Help Your Business? 

Data doesn’t lie! Video content is a proven and effective marketing strategy. Forty percent of consumers believe that video content will lead them to a purchase, while eighty percent believe that seeing a video on a business landing page will create a conversion. 

It is clear that video can help your business, however, it needs to be carried out properly. For every business that has a successful video content strategy, there are several more that aren’t doing it right and are likely damaging their brand name, rather than propelling it. 

With people using their mobile devices more than their computers, short video content is king. This has become the preferred method for content, and you need to capitalize on current trends in order to build trust and brand recognition. 

What Are The Different Forms Of Video Content?

There are several different ways of creating video content, and depending on the brand, the message you’re trying to convey, and how you want to be seen, different types might work best for you. 

Firstly, you’re going to want to consider some educational videos. Remember that you’re an expert in your field, and the first step to building trust is to show that expertise to the public. 

There are likely questions that consumers have, and it’s your job to answer them. Create some videos where you troubleshoot a common problem. Yes, you can do this with a blog post, but there’s a large demographic specifically seeking video content. 

You can dive into entertaining content. This is simply content in which the goal is to emit some form of emotional response. Whether it be funny, sad, enraging, whatever emotion you want people to associate with your brand. 

There’s also the option for live videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This gives you an avenue to engage with your audience in real-time and show them what’s going on with your brand at that very minute. 

You Need To Create Quality Content

Creating a strong and engaging video requires several steps that you cannot skip. You need to always remind yourself of what the end goal of your video is. What are you hoping to accomplish? 

You should also stick to a script. Don’t create content without direction. Stick to your script and be confident in that script. Your confidence in yourself will create confidence in your consumer. 

Video Is Worth A Billion Words

Video is engaging and will help propel your brand because it’s personal and it requires less work from the consumer. People want easy – it’s just how it is! Engaging your audience with video to make it simpler for them and create a better chance for your brand to be seen and heard!

Adding video content into your marketing strategy will allow you to gain trust and build a rapport with your potential customers which will ultimately grow your brand. 

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