Non-Profit and Fundraising

Although they have a unique perspective in many ways, for day-to-day operations, non-profit and charitable companies function much like traditional businesses. We believe that these incredible organizations should have access to the same marketing and promotional tools that for-profit companies have, like fundraising animated explainer videos.

That’s why at JumpStart Video, our 100% US-based team produces non-profit, fundraising, and charity animated explainer videos that help spread messages in a compelling visual format.

JumpStart Video Animated Explainer Videos

Fundraising Animated Explainer Videos

Non-profits and charities rely on storytelling as much as any other business. Building your organization’s narrative can help to legitimize and enhance its cause — and build interest for others who can contribute.

JumpStart Video brings an outstanding animation and marketing ability to our non-profit and fundraising clients. We specialize in straightforward, appealing animation that breaks down concepts effectively while delivering clear messages.

We work with non-profits to produce fundraising animated explainer videos that define their purpose in clear, appealing ways.

A Team You Can Trust

JumpStart Video is a small, locally-owned creative team. We take immense pride in our work and strive to improve the work of others. We understand the challenges that come with trying to make big impressions using limited resources.

That’s why JumpStart Video keeps a special focus on non-profit animated explainer videos. Our client-centered service is a perfect fit for charities with more personal missions. We offer a complete range of animated video explainers, whiteboard presentations, and motion graphics to deliver the compelling messages non-profits need to convey to the donors that support them.

Non-profit organizations should have the same access to creative resources as businesses do. That means something above and beyond the DIY graphics programs that many non-profits are forced to use.

JumpStart Video uses that state-of-the-art technology along with a creative approach to bring more power to your presentation.

At JumpStart Video, our production services include scripting, voice-over sourcing, and animation. We use a proven approach that’s worked for over 10 years and more than 13,000 projects.

Client interaction is at the heart of our approach — we keep in close contact with your non-profit to make sure your mission is clearly communicated at every opportunity.

Best of all, at JumpStart Video, our charity animated explainer videos get turned around quickly for competitive prices. We help non-profits connect with their target audiences effectively, even with a limited budget.

The JumpStart Video Process

When we produce non-profit animated explainer videos, we use a proven approach to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, while leaving ample room for customization.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our talented team:

Information Gathering for your Fundraising Animated Explainer Video

First, we’ll send you a project kickoff form to get your order started. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the style of video explainer you want, forward any examples of what you have in mind, and enjoy a wide array of customization options.


Scripting is particularly crucial in charity animated explainer videos — everything hinges on the message you convey. Our creative experts will consult with you to create an original, compelling script. Already have a script in hand? We’ll bring an editing eye to it to make sure you optimize your video in all the right ways.

Voiceover Recording

Choose one of our female or male vocal talents to supply compelling narration to your video. We can even create voiceovers featuring accents from Australia, New Zealand, or the UK for an added fee.

Animation Design

With vital information in hand, our animators get straight to work designing your explainer video. Whether it uses whiteboarding, 2D graphics, or motion color, the project goes through a meticulous quality control process to make sure the final product meets your standards.


Our usual project timeline is 24 calendar days from the moment you place your order to final delivery. If your final product is five minutes or less, the timeline can be even shorter.

Looking for a faster turnaround? If you need an alternative timeline that’s not reflected on our order form, simply give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help you meet your needs.

Post-Production Visual Edits

At JumpStart Video, our talented professionals strive to get your project right on the first try — but we know you may have some issues or concerns that you’d like to have changed. We include up to three rounds of visual edits after initial delivery to ensure you get exactly what you have in mind.

What’s the Best Format for Charity, Non-Profit, and Fundraising Animated Explainer Videos?

What approach will work best with your non-profit’s mission and fundraising goals? At JumpStart Video, we offer a few formats that work particularly well for charitable organizations. These include:

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are popular for several reasons. Their simple design makes them easy to grasp. Whiteboard videos have an almost hypnotic quality that viewers can’t help but focus on. They’re extremely good for breaking down complex topics and issues, laying out your non-profit’s mission in terms everyone can understand.

Modern Color Animations

Whether you work with a new organization that is just getting started or a well-established charity looking to change its focus, a modern color animation can be a great tool to boost your message.

Full of compelling visuals that resound with wider audiences, this format is well-suited to generate immediate interest in your organization’s story.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Following the tradition of classic business marketing, brief explainer videos are graphics-driven presentations that are perfect to introduce your charity to new audiences. Ideal for an online audience, motion graphics explainer videos can bring your non-profit instant recognition with strong imagery and captivating narration.

2D Character Animation

Also known as cutout animation, the 2D character format is in high demand for its storytelling and characterization qualities. With sharp, simple visuals and relatable characters, 2D character animation is a great way to build distinct narratives that strike a chord with your audience.

Ready to use Fundraising Animated Explainer Videos to Boost Your Organization?

Non-profit organizations serve an incredible array of needs in the local community. At JumpStart Video, we believe that this calls for the best creative resources and tools available. That’s why we offer our comprehensive video services for charity organizations looking to raise funds or awareness.

To find out more, contact JumpStart Video online or by phone to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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