Imagine, just for one minute, that a form of advertising existed that could nearly guarantee customer retention. Intuitively, any business person knows that a loyal customer base beats out a group of newly intrigued potential purchasers. In fact, one study suggested that a mere 5% customer retention could yield profit increases of up to 95%. Retaining 5% for a 95% gain, that’s a bargain!

Good news! That form of adverting exists! Better known as video marketing, it is the leader in content marketing for businesses.

The engaging nature of video snatches someone’s attention and does not let go. Scrolling through whatever social media site of his/her choice, any individual can be lured in by the gorgeous footage or intriguing animation. They are low maintenance, require little effort to stay engaged, and present no real cost to individual participation. “Sure I have 30 seconds to watch this interesting piece of content,” has been subconsciously uttered by nearly every individual old enough to hold and operate a smartphone. 

Check out these sure fire ways that your business can wield the power of video marketing to help not just grow, but retain your customers and keep them engaged.

How to Use Video to Retain Customers

Onboarding Programs

This step is used to onboard and introduce a platform or product to the consumer. The first step toward building a customer relationship is a proper introduction. This begins by building familiarity with the services that your business offers. In providing a concise, but engaging overview  this step can go a long way towards establishing a customer’s confidence in the product and their desire to use or purchase services. 

Building Trust

There are so many ways to execute this step. The key to building trust by using video is to demonstrate to potential and current clients that your brand can be trusted. The possibilities are endless to achieve this end but the following are some of the best ways that this currently happens. 

Product Reviews: When a possible customer is making a decision, one of the first logical steps in a purchase is to see what others in the same position have to say. Videos provide a more intimate environment to execute this. Seeing another individual and hearing their voice creates a far greater level of belief in the review than a simple graphic containing text or a photo.

Company Culture Videos: Company culture videos can give insight into the exact aim and targets of your business. By opening up what you are all about, the customer base can connect on a more personal level. Apart from this it simply introduces brand awareness that drives content marketing.

Customer Service: These videos can answer common questions or give brief instructions on the use of specific products. However it may be used, it can benefit the post-purchase experience for the customer and make them thankful they supported your business!

Use Video Marketing to Retain Your Customers

With all the benefits of video marketing, why not get started right away? You can start right here by letting us take care of your video marketing needs to help you build greater customer retention!