to quality voiceover and sourcing your music properly. The music piece can be one of the trickiest to figure out though. Where do find you quality, royalty-free music? How do you know that’s it’s being sourced correctly? And that it’s legal? What kind of music should you choose for an explainer video? Here are some of our best tips for sourcing your music properly and some great sites to help get you started!

What music should you choose for your explainer video?

Like everything that goes into an explainer video, you want each piece to work in harmony together, so consider your story and customer as you think about the type of music you might want to choose for your video. Make sure the music matches your message. For instance, if you’re doing fun and informative video about your company’s offerings, then choose something light, positive and upbeat. 

What type of music is ok to add to an explainer video for public use?

You’ll need to acquire licensing or royalty-free music to be used in your video if you want to display it publicly, like on your website or social media. Finding affordable licensed or royalty-free music isn’t terribly difficult, but may take some time to browse and find the right fit, as many of these libraries are extensive. 

Where do I find royalty-free music for my explainer video?

There are thousands of sites to find great royalty-free music that is both purchasable or sometimes, even free! Here’s a few sites to get you started:

POND5 — Over a half a billion tracks available for purchase and around 2,000 completely free ones!

Sound Stripe — Has tons of options and will give you 3 free tracks when you sign up!

Amazing Music Tracks — Has an extremely helpful and narrow search filter so you can find the perfect track every time. 

What if I want a professional’s help?

If this all sounds like a lot, we get it! Creating an explainer video from start to finish from the messaging to story writing, animations, and more is a lot to keep up with. Choosing and sourcing your own music is just one more thing to add to your plate. So, getting a professional who can do it all for you is a huge bonus. 

Finding an explainer video company that offers all-inclusive services – scriptwriting, animations, voiceover, music, and more – not only takes a huge burden off of you but ends up being far more cost-efficient for you in the long run. 

You won’t have to pay a separate copywriter, animator, and pay for music licensing – it will all be included, making life easier and ultimately more affordable for you!

Getting started on your explainer videoWe’ve been creating explainer videos, sourcing music, and telling stories for the better part of a decade and we’d love to help you with yours. Shoot us a message anytime to schedule a free consultation to get started!