Social media has been helping businesses garner greater followers and market to engage and intrigued users for almost a decade now. During this time, social media platforms have undergone an incredible transformation and continue to evolve and adapt to the changing times and the public’s new and always shifting tastes. The latest development in this area is video on Instagram.

Instagram has recently announced that they plan to make videos and moving content more central to their platform, and brands have been taking notice. If you use Instagram in your marketing, follow these five tips and techniques to make your audience’s experience more streamlined and modern than ever.

Remember Your Goals and Purpose

The foundation of any marketing tactic is to further a set of goals and express the purpose and values to your customer base. This foundation is unchanging. It should always be taken into consideration when making new and improved videos for your company’s Instagram account.

The fundamental purpose of the account has not changed. But the visual and aesthetic flair should be updated to keep in line with the shifting tastes and expectations of your audience. Your company should always remember why you’re on the platform and what goals you’re trying to meet and proceed from this initial mindset. Try your hand at new and exciting methods of selling, such as social selling.

video on instagram

Video on Instagram: A New Way to Engage

One of the most exciting things about the transition Instagram is trying to implement is the boost in engagement and user participation it will result in. Videos are far more likely to lead to engagement, as comments and user opinions are expressed far more frequently on platforms that boast videos and pictures alike, rather than simply one or the other. 

This new engagement can bring growth to your company! Your customers will communicate directly with your team and marketing department in order to better serve themselves and their interests. Make sure you’re up to date on all of your profile settings. Your company should be transparent and easily accessible on the site to take maximum advantage of this new, engagement-driven paradigm.

Execute Your Brand Identity

One of the great things about Instagram is the incredible number of ways you can express your brand’s interests and values. Of course, you’ll make videos now that the platform is gearing itself toward that avenue, but you can also still post pictures and other media to entice customers. In addition, there are several different aesthetic forms your content can take, whether you’re posting videos or choose to stick with photos for certain purposes and events. 

Your pictures should heavily feature other people alongside your brand. Instagram users heavily relate to crowds and others of their demographic participating in a good time. Find whatever communication avenue works best for your brand and stick to it.

Publishing Video on Instragram

The process of publishing on Instagram will remain largely intact during the company’s transition. You’ll publish your content with witty and engaging captions. And you should always encourage your followers and customers to respond to your posts. This will post boost your engagement metric and allow for great feedback in terms of present and future company offerings.

Remember also that your schedule should also remain largely intact; shifting up the schedule with which you publish could lead to confusion. Your followers are always looking for a routine and regimented posting schedule in order to stay up to date and engaged with your brand. Even if your company begins to shift to more videocentric content, it’s important to leave your foundation intact.

Best Practices for Video on Instagram

Finally, when you publish videos, there are still key best practices and considerations to follow and keep in mind. For example, you should always create your content for the mobile audience. Remember, the majority of Instagram users use their phones to surf and browse the site. Always start with a hook of some kind to reel in your users and bring attention to your video easily. You can follow that by your value proposition and selling points.

It pays to use sound and captions in your video. Instagram users relate to these videos more easily. Many who watch Stories do so with sound on. Even so, it’s always best to express your ideas visually. Try to film in a way that even those with the sound off will understand what’s happening.

Wrapping Up

With Instagram’s shift to a video platform, it’s important that every company stay on top of its marketing strategy. This includes creating and publishing more video content. There’s never been a better time to invest in quality video for your social accounts. Learn how we can help here.