COVID-19 has changed our world in the present and we’ll likely feel it’s effects for years to come. Everything from how mass gatherings are regulated, to remote work options, to our overall health and safety is likely to change. And with social distancing comes the necessity for most workers to take their laptops and tablets home to work and continue working remotely. That means this pandemic hasn’t just changed our work culture but also demands that we change the way we train employees.

According to Harvard Business Review via Forbes, “When the urgent part of the crisis has been navigated, companies should consider what this crisis changes and what they’ve learned so they can reflect them in their plans.” 

The world is changing and businesses must change with it. This means adapting your models to this new landscape of remote training and increased online learning. One way adaptation will be critical to the success of your remote and online training will be how you incorporate video in new and exciting ways to keep your team engaged.

This idea applies to a wide range of learning environments, such as K-12 learning, college classes and higher education, corporate training, HR training, employee onboarding, and more!

The bottom line is, if you’re delivering training materials, education or a learning experience, video has just become your top priority to deliver. Here are a few reasons why.

It Makes Training Feel More Personal

Because of the state of our world right now and the effects, it will have for some time, people can’t be together. This has made our society as a whole feel less personal and leads to more isolation and general loneliness. But, when you incorporate video, especially of the leader of the learning experience, it makes the entire process feel much more personal and inviting. 

Remember: People connect with people. They won’t always connect right away with the training, but when they can see your face through video or incorporated through other video types like an animated explainer, it helps them feel more connected to the content. 

It Makes Learning Feel More Enjoyable

While video, in general, is important, you also want to make sure you bring an element of entertainment to the video you use. Utilizing animated videos or explainers will help bring fun into the learning environment and help your team enjoy it a lot more. 

There is a lot going on in the world. Lots of worry, fear, and uncertainty. Make your learning environment a place of fun and maybe a little escape from the scary circumstances many of us find ourselves in. 

It Makes Education More Engaging

Video combines multiple mediums in one and draws on both the viewer’s visual and auditory senses. Mixing audio – music and voiceover – with text, images, animations and other moving parts allows the viewer to stay more engaged in the education environment and increases the transfer of information that they are able to take in and retain. 

We’re living in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on learning or training goals – we just need to transform some of the ways we are doing it. Video is a perfect place to start. At Jumpstart, we make creating animated videos, explainers, and other types of video for employee engagement, training, and eLearning courses really simple and affordable. Click here to learn more and get started on your video today!