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Video Vision Guide

We’re pumped to get started on your video! To provide us with the best information to get rolling, please take a few minutes to complete this form.

Video Vision Guide

Direct Order Info

Your Order Number can be found in your confirmation email or receipt.

Fiverr Order Info

Located at the top of your order page in Fiverr, as well as in your Fiverr confirmation email.
Please confirm your video style. There is no price difference between styles if you would like to change from what you originally ordered on Fiverr.
Can't recall which style you liked best? Go to https://www.jumpstartvideo.net/videos
Maximum upload size: 75MB
If you have the VO file, you may upload it here. If not, this can be sent later in the process.
If possible, please provide at least a draft script or thoughts. This will help speed up the process and help us focus when assisting you.
Maximum upload size: 75MB
If your script (the one you provide or the draft we write for you) exceeds the order length, how should we handle this?

By choosing this option, we will use ONLY assets from previous videos (logos, colors, fonts, etc.), and we will ONLY base this video on the look/direction of previous videos. If ANY items need to be updated, or if we require specific direction on characters or other important factors regarding the visuals, please do not choose this option.