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And today, I wanna share with you something that is probably the tenet or the cornerstone of why we have a business and why video is the wisest choice for your marketing dollars and time in the future. And that is we’re gonna talk about why video is more powerful than written text. Now, for years, the written word dominated the media landscape. There were magazines, newspapers, blogs, and that was the way we consumed serious information, but things began to shift about a decade ago when YouTube hit the height of its popularity and has continued to grow, but that really revolutionized the way that we consume information online and really bled into every other area of our life in how we consume and retain information. And over the years, it’s grown to be a well-known fact that video is not only far more interesting than written text, but that we’re actually learning a whole lot more from video than we ever did from the written word. And so today, I wanna share four key points with you that will help you understand why video is far more impactful and powerful than written text, so be sure you pay attention.

The first reason is that video captivates the mind, and there’s a big reason behind this, okay? We are visual creatures. Visual stimulation gets our brain pumping, gets our brain moving and thinking, and allows us to interact with content in a way that written word or written text simply doesn’t. And mainly, that’s because storytelling is oftentimes a huge component of video marketing. And we, as creatures of storytelling, love to not only hear a good story but to tell a good story. It’s our messages, have been passed throughout generations and thousands of years. Storytelling is powerful, and the most powerful medium we have to tell stories with is video. Now, you might argue, we can tell stories in written form, we’ve been doing that for thousands of years, and I would say you’re absolutely right, we can, but they’re not quite as impactful as they are when we do that through video because we can include so many other elements in a video to tell that story and support that story.

For instance, here’s just one. How about music? You can put music in a video. You can’t put music behind written text. Music has been proven to help us remember things and help us to retain information. It helps to set a mood. There’s also lighting and atmosphere in a video. All these things you can add to a video to help tell your story and make it impactful that simply aren’t present in the written word. And therefore, video is able to captivate the mind, captivate an audience with a much greater power than written text.

The second thing is that attention spans are short. On average back in 2019, it was estimated the average person will pay attention to something for eight seconds if they’re not captivated, and then they’ll move on. And video actually helps us to capture the attention of people more quickly. Now, oftentimes, that’s misinterpreted to mean we only have eight seconds to say what we need to say, we got to say it quickly, we got to say it right now. But the truth is you only have eight seconds to capture someone’s attention. Once you have their attention, you have it for much longer than you might think. Our average customer takes two or two-and-a-half minutes to say what they need to say in their video, but because attention spans are short, we need to capture people quickly, and video is great at capturing people in that eight seconds that they’ll pay attention to something before deciding to move on to the next thing or to something they’re more interested in.So not only do videos captivate people, but attention spans are short and videos help you to capture that attention much more quickly than written text does.

The third thing I wanna talk about is entertainment and engagement. Your audience will be more entertained and more engaged with a video than it is written text, and here’s why. Statistics show that the average person can remember 95% of the content that’s communicated via video, but only 10% when they read the exact same content. What does that tell us? That people are visual learners, that they will retain far more if it’s in a visual format than they will if they’re forced to read that very same content. Now, do you want your viewers, do you want your potential customers retaining 95% of what you’re saying or 10% of what you’re saying? I thought so. 95% is better than 10%. So videos are far better in communicating your message and retention from your potential customers or your viewers.

They’ll not only entertain people but they’ll engage their minds and get them to take an action because when they retain what’s being said to them, they’re far more likely to follow calls to action, to follow up with a purchase or a phone call or a contact or a click-through or whatever it is. Videos are far better at doing that than written text ever will be.

And the final thing I wanna talk about today, the fourth thing, which is probably evident to everybody on the planet is that videos are clickable and shareable. That’s absolutely the most obvious statement that I’ve probably ever made on this video blog here that videos are clickable and shareable because if you go to any social media platform, what do you see? You see tons of people sharing, retweeting, reposting, regramming videos that they’ve seen. How many of you have gotten a message from someone on social media, “Hey, just watch this video. “Check it out, you got to check it out,” right? That’s how it happens. Very rarely do I get links to articles that say, “I just read this article. “You’ve got to read this.” It happens at a much higher rate. It’s much quicker, it’s much more impactful when it’s video, and video is something that can be shared over and over and over very quickly and the impact will be retained, the information will be retained, and the shareability will help not only your message to grow but it will increase the opportunity for virality.

I can’t remember the last time or if I’ve ever heard anyone say, “This blog article went viral.” I mean, maybe it happened 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago, but it hasn’t happened recently. What do you hear more often? “This video went viral.” That it was created and then someone shared it and then this blog picked it up and then these people did this and it was over here and over there, boom, and it just exploded and it went everywhere. It’s because videos are clickable and shareable and it’s very easy, it’s very quick, people watch them and then pass them on much more quickly than written text ever would be passed on.

In fact, we got to experience this in our business about seven years ago. We created a video for a company called Illumiseen. It was intended for a YouTube audience. It was about a shoe lacing technique called the lace lock, about that second little hole in your tennis shoe and how you can use that to create a firm lace lock on your running shoes to keep your feet from slipping, you get the picture. Anyway, we created this video, they posted it on YouTube, it was picked up in a few places, and before we ever knew it, this video had received over 50 million views, 50 million, I mean, it just went viral. Why? Because it was shareable, it was something that most people didn’t know, it was a fun little tidbit. The video was only a few minutes long. I don’t even know if it was two minutes long. It was just something that was incredibly clickable and incredibly shareable. And when you’re creating video content, you open that possibility up to yourself because you’re opening yourself up to the world, and video does that at a much higher rate than written text ever will. So those are our four key points as to why video is far more powerful than written text.

I hope that those were helpful to you and really hope that those helped to encourage you to get out there and do some video marketing. Whether you’re just getting started on it or you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re trying to up your game, let us know if we can help you at jumpstartvideo.net. We do thousands of these videos every year for clients all across the world and we’ve had some great results with these videos, like I said, going viral in some cases, really helping our clients to reach people they never thought they could reach before. And so if you’re one of those people that would love to have that happen, let us know. We’d love to create a video for you, your product, your service, your organization or your campaign, whatever it is, just reach out and let us know.

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