When you decide to invest in a new communication or marketing avenue for your business, it can be a little nerve wracking on choosing not only the product and potential quality, but also the kind of company you want to do business with. You’re going to invest hard earned money and resources into this medium so you want it done right as well as having superior customer service. For these reasons and more, we believe it’s important to choose an explainer video company in the US.

So, for the purposes of this article we’ll be looking at things from the perspective of a US-based company or US-based ownership. If you’re not US-based, we would advise finding the right company in your own country or finding a video company that is extremely fluent in your native language and culture. This is very important for communication through the video design process and overall success.

If you are in fact US based, we have a lot of tips and advice on why choosing an explainer video company that is 100% US-based makes the most sense and creates the most potential for success. There are even potential cost savings as well.

Here are 3 reasons why we believe choosing a US-based explainer video company could bring maximum success for your project!


This is a pretty obvious one, but attempting to do business or buy a product from someone who doesn’t speak your main language fluently, can be quite difficult. Expectations aren’t clear, messages can be misinterpreted and it can be quite difficult to communicate your vision to someone you struggle to have a basic conversation with. While they may be a great video designer, they simply can’t understand your vision. Choosing an explainer video company in the US with native English speaking team members can eliminate this problem.


When choosing a US based company, you will never have to worry about a currency difference or exchange. If you have to deal with a currency exchange, it can be a lot more frustrating than you think. If you’re quoted a particular price, you may assume it’s in USD, but chances are, it’s in that company’s home country’s currency. This could be a vastly difference from what you planned on spending. There will also probably be additional fees associated with the currency exchange that could drive up the price of the project.


When you choose a US based company, more than likely the video designer or customer service rep will be familiar and operate within the same relative culture that you do. Again, this is more important than you realize. This plays into timelines, turnaround, how quickly they will or will not return phone calls or emails… All of these things can be frustrating to deal with when you are up against a deadline, have invested time and money into a product, and simply don’t know how to break through a cultural gap. Choosing a company that operates within the same type of business culture that you do is extremely beneficial.

As a 100% US-based company, we love seeing US customers stay right here at home and support local businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering quality in our videos at an affordable price alongside, customer service, and communication. To get started on your video, just click here.