Multiple videos are better than one.

“If a little bit is good, then more must be better!”

When it comes to video marketing, this is absolutely true.

With video marketing, more is better. Let’s talk about all the benefits that multiple videos – in a series, for your brand, services, or something else – can bring and how this approach is superior to a one-hit-wonder video campaign.

Use the first video to hook your audience

Think back to your favorite tv show. You had to know what was going to happen next! Everyone has been there before. Anxiously awaiting and counting down the days until the next episode is released. Or, in the modern era, waiting till the newest season is released for binge-watching on your favorite streaming platform. Video marketing, done properly, can have a similar effect on your audience. Put out a video with great value. Perhaps it is an instructional video and the viewers learn a lot of actionable information. Or, maybe you put out such quality video marketing content that the sheer entertainment value leaves customers wanting more. Multiple videos can capitalize on this phenomenon where one video simply would not be able to. 

multiple videos better than one
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Use multiple videos as a form of lead generation

Your viewership is hooked on your video content now. You have taken the necessary steps to ensure quality and the people just want more! Terrific, now you can require an email or form contact to access more content. With the right marketing focus, you can produce a video that will turn this into a no-brainer steal for the consumer. With these emails, your business has just created a number of leads that you never would have had otherwise. Nor would you ever have been able to do this with just one video. 

Break down different services and products in the video

Your business offers a variety of services and products to fit your customer’s needs. If uneducated, the average person may have no idea how your business can increase their experience. That is why you may need several videos to explain each offering that your company has. Instead of entering information overload and bombarding a viewer with a single video, break your options down into small chunks. This way you do not lose potential leads because attention spans were not held and people clicked away before being sold on your value. With multiple videos, you can deliver more targeted information while keeping the time length at a minimum.

Multiple videos are better than one.

Get started producing video content today

So now that you realize the importance of having a repertoire of video content as opposed to a one-and-done, go ahead and get started! We would love to walk through the production process with your company and figure out how we can help your business’s content marketing needs. Reach out to us today!