Training videos. Two words that HR reps, managers and employees alike all dread. Training videos are notoriously boring, difficult to create and hard to get people to actually watch. But, the reality is that training videos are crucial to the development and growth of your team and company. Although the quality of training videos traditionally is sub-par at best, we believe investing in quality training videos really matters. Why?

3 Reasons Why the Quality of Your Training Videos Matters

Attention Spans

The attention span of a viewer is getting increasingly shorter and shorter – 8 seconds on average to be exact. You probably can’t get your training ideas and concepts across in 8 seconds, so it’s important that the quality of your video is extremely high to make sure your team actually wants to pay attention. Balancing education and entertainment is very important when it comes to creating a high-quality training video. 

While training videos must be longer in general compared to short social videos, it’s important to only include the most important information on each subject and divide the different videos up based on the concepts you want to communicate. A greater volume of videos, but shorter individually will help with keeping the attention of your audience. 


Engaging your employees is one of the most critical parts of your job — 71% of executives agree that it’s mission-critical to the growth of their company. This is where high-quality training videos comes in. Employee engagement and boring training videos don’t really go hand in hand. If you want employees to be fully engaged, creating engaging training videos is essential. 

Consider changing up the style of your training videos with animated explainers or combining animations with a spokesman style video, even create training videos in a few different styles to keep things fresh. This will allow for maximum engagement. 

Follow Through

When you keep your employee’s attention span and level of engagement in mind when creating training videos, their follow-through will likely increase as well. High-quality training videos should push the viewer to follow through on the next steps that you outline for them and should include a strong call to action as well. 

When the training videos quality is high, engaging, educational and entertaining you can expect greater follow through on the principals you’re working to communicate. 

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