One of the most common questions we receive here at Jump Start Video is, “What style of video produces the greatest amount of engagement?” We love to hear this question because that means our clients are thinking beyond video content and are concerned with how their audience will respond as well – things that REALLY matter in the video marketing world. 

Because there are numerous factors contributing to the reaction of a target audience, the answer to that question varies. Different audiences demand different styles to stay engaged. What appeals to men ages fifty and above will not also appeal to an audience of middle school girls. 

However, there is one style of animation that, for several years now, has captivated the widest range of audiences and led to great engagement numbers for a large list of clients. That style? Whiteboard animation! You might also know it as a doodly video, sketch video, or line art video – but no matter what you call it, the look is basically the same. Set on a white background, these videos show an artist (represented by a hand with a marker) sketching out scenes and typography to support a narrator’s message. Here’s a perfect example of such a video.


As you probably notice, this style of animation builds interest and displays a high level of creativity within, ironically, a very simplified setting. For years now, the whiteboard video has not only been one of our most commonly purchased video styles, but based on client feedback, has also proven itself to be one of the most engaging ways to reach viewers…and there are several great reasons why. 

Whiteboard Animation Videos Create Intrigue

As humans, we are naturally intrigued when something is revealed slowly. This is why every good TV show begins to reveal information, only to cut to commercial before we find out who is voted off the island. The goal is to create intrigue so you’ll keep watching past the commercials! In a whiteboard video, the simple act of a hand drawing on the screen leaves us wondering, “What will it draw next?” or even “What is that?” This intrigue keeps our brain engaged for longer and allows a video’s message to be firmly planted in the minds of viewers.

Whiteboard Animation Videos Amplify The Message Through Simplicity

A good animation video is simple and clever. It has a strong message and only uses visuals that are absolutely necessary to communicate that message. To that end, the removal of most color is a pure form of simplicity that speaks to many viewers. It also simplifies the way our brains receive the information. Since we know the hand is going to draw each element, our minds are not worried about where things are coming from or how they will enter the screen. We know they will come from the tip of the pen. So, we simply attach our eyes and hang on for the ride.

Whiteboard Animation Is Fun

Did you know that fun matters to your brian? Research has proven that when you have fun you retain more, are more excited to continue the learning experience, and will come back for more of the same at a later date. Everyone needs a little more fun in their video marketing campaign, and whiteboard animation videos are a great way to do that!

If you’re interested in creating a custom whiteboard animation video within just a few weeks, contact us at Jump Start Video today or order yours right here on our website.