Survey the next 10 adults that you come into contact with, and ask each individual whether they subscribe to Netflix. Statistically speaking, at least 3 of these people would answer with a resounding “Yes!” This does not even begin to include other streaming services and groups of individuals utilizing the same subscription service. Video for entertainment obviously has garnered the public’s interest. Does this same pattern hold for social media content marketing? 

Well, 87% of online marketers would say yes as evidenced by their own strategy. Surveys also indicate that 82% of Twitter users consume information through video on the app, and 45% of individuals watch at least an hour of video content on Facebook or YouTube every week. 

These facts lead to an incredibly simple conclusion: If you own a business and do not invest in social media videos, you will be left behind. In the arms race of marketing, those with no capacity for launching social media video campaigns will be yielding a proverbial butter knife in the face of overwhelming force. As a business owner, you can find workaround strategies to avoid this investment. However, with the growth of video, especially for marketing purposes, that is not a bet we’d recommend placing.

Know Your Audience

In the current social climate, people want easily consumable information. The ages of digging through libraries to find the perfect book or story is over. We’ve become used to instantaneous access to just about everything. Library catalogs have given way to 280 characters and 60-second videos in the palm of every person. The best marketing tool is anyone that garners the extremely short attention span of a potential customer.

The sensory experience of video achieves this like no other tool. The options for video are all-encompassing and can aid any business in finding the right marketing solution for their clientele. Animated videos allow for more color and bring about a childlike sense of interest. Whereas, spokesperson formatted video ads allow for a host of information to be presented in a simple but understandable format. This is only the beginning of the do-it-all adaptability of the video format. With each unique style, the consumer is brought closer to the final goal of marketing videos — an expanded client pool.  

Consumers have switched to video for all of their visual needs whether it’s entertainment, product information, or education. This trend has continued to grow stronger and stronger. By all indications, this pattern will hold and expand even further. Nearly every person owns a smartphone with astounding video capacity and a huge appetite to get their hands on video daily. This brings us to just one conclusion – your business needs social media videos and it needs them now!

You Need Video Now

The year is 2021. People have spent the previous year immersed in all the video that the internet has to offer. The masses have been convinced that this is how they will consume information and there is no turning back. This trend will only grow from here! Attention spans are getting shorter and videos are a surefire way to capture them.  If you are a business, it’s time to invest in social media videos!

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