Consumers respond well to video marketing all year round, but the holiday season takes it to another level altogether. Digital video is the perfect tool to reach your audience and inspire a deeper connection to you and your products. Video provides an emotional experience, unlike any other medium. Businesses of all kinds should take advantage of the benefits of video marketing and make it a major part of their overall holiday marketing strategy.

The Appeal of Digital Video

Digital video marketing has supplanted more traditional forms of advertising at increasing rates annually. Video’s appeal has led to its advancement, especially in the areas of interactivity and formatting for mobile. While there’s a market for quick, impactful content that can be served by video for mobile, there’s an adjacent need to serve consumers that don’t make impulse purchases and require a captivating display of your product’s value. Video can fill both needs.

The Long and Short of Digital Video Marketing

What makes a short ad suitable for mobile more impactful? In the three-to-six second ads of the future, businesses must do audience research and target the right people as in traditional marketing. That’s not enough for impactful video marketing. The context in which these extremely short ads are presented will be critical. This means finding the customers who’ve been online viewing sites in connection to holiday shopping and in products or services relevant to your product and presenting the video format on those sites.

Short ads in context work well for brands that customers can easily remember and have seen in longer video advertising formats. Potentially, longer digital videos provide more information and emotional connection to the audience. With any length of the video, grabbing attention in a new, exciting way and taking your audience along for the ride is the way to succeed. Don’t let your product get lost in technology and flashy video. Show consumers what your products are, how they look, and how they work, and show them why they can’t live without them.

Taking Customers from Watching to Purchasing

When your audience views your video ad, what happens if they decide to learn more or to make a purchase? You don’t want to lose them because they don’t have time or want the hassle of going to your website and finding the product. Clickable or shoppable interactive video solves this dilemma. The customer sees the video, reacts emotionally, clicks on the products, and moves their desired item into the shopping cart. It’s an opportunity that marketers don’t want to miss.

Companies are working on their own shoppable video technology. Some are using existing platforms such as YouTube and Vudu. Other video platforms and businesses will continue to enter the fray, especially during the holiday season, the most profitable season of the year.

Is Digital Video Marketing for You?

Will you use digital video in your marketing strategy this holiday season? Expertly designed and placed video marketing can make it a better holiday shopping season for you and your company. Your competitors may capture more attention and sales if they have clickable, shoppable video, and you don’t have it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve sales through digital video marketing for the holidays and beyond.