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We’re different than large creative agencies…ON PURPOSE! With our small and talented team of US-based creatives, we offer outstanding quality at a much lower cost and shorter turnaround time than most others. We value people and pride ourselves on providing an unmatched level of personal service.

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We are actively engaged in the creation of your animated videos from start to finish. Our services encompass a full range of animated video creation, motion graphics video production, and editing strategies to produce a professional result.

Do-it-yourself animation programs may offer a selection of tools for video production, but we provide the technical and creative muscle, assisting our clients with voiceover sourcing, scripting, and animation mechanics. Our highly responsive team is always prepared to answer client questions and uphold the client’s vision for the delivery of the content. Additionally, our approach to creating video content is standardized based on team experience and the most effective plan for delivering the topic of your video.

JumpStart’s video production and animation staff value exceptional customer service, and are happy to maintain contact with clients and apply client-requested edits to create a seamless, finalized video. Our competitive pricing, paired with our skills and service values, ensure a satisfying experience for our clients.

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Our Process

We follow the same process on every single project to help us better understand your needs and create the video you are looking for! We approach each project strategically, and our standardized process allows us to build your animated video from the ground up. We apply the techniques required to produce quality animated explainer videos. Each step allows us to take an organized approach in designing both informative explainer videos and promotional animated content with a fast turnaround.


"Thanks for delivering our video just the way we wanted it. You have a bunch of happy customers here!"

Lori Howell, Intel Corporation

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