Our Process

We want you to know exactly what to expect when partnering with JumpStart Video. That’s why we use the same process on every project we complete. Have questions? We’re here to help!


Project Info

We start every project by gathering the necessary project info. We will send you a project kickoff form to request any branding info, including your logo, colors, etc. This is where you will also provide us with your video style choice, any design notes, other videos that you like, and any other preferences.



The heart of every animated explainer video is the script. Our project team is happy to provide scriptwriting assistance on any project. Do you have a final script already? Great! We’re happy to use it as is. Would you like some assistance editing your script? We’re here to help! Do you want to provide us details and leave the scriptwriting completely to our team? No problem! Whatever your needs, we’re here to serve you.

NOTE: Once your script is approved and Step 3 begins, any changes to the script could lead to project delays and/or additional costs.


Voiceover Recording

Let’s bring your script to life! Once the script is finalized and you have chosen from our in-house male or female voiceover personalities, we get to work on your voiceover recording! Looking for a special accent? For an additional fee, we can provide Australian, UK English or New Zealand personalities. Contact us for a custom quote on voiceover accents.


Animation Design

It’s time for the main event! Once the voiceover recording is complete, the project is sent to our in-house animators to begin work on the video itself. Throughout the design process, all of our videos go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that your guidelines and specifications are met. You can expect quality from every project designed by JumpStart Video.



Here it comes! Once the animation and quality control process is complete, the video heads straight to you! Our standard delivery timeline is 24 calendar days from the time you place your order. For videos 5 minutes or less, you may choose a faster delivery option. Do you have a custom timeline not offered on our order form? Contact us for options.


Visual Edits

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Is there something in your video that isn’t quite what you had envisioned? We’re here to serve you! That’s why every project comes standard with up to 2 rounds of visual edits within 10 days after delivery with no additional charges. We strive to exceed your expectations upon initial delivery, but you can rest easy that even if your video needs tweaked, we’re here to make it right!

You can trust our team

We’re here to serve you!

No matter your needs, you’ll get quality and affordable animated explainer videos from our 100% US-Based team. We’re different than large creative agencies…ON PURPOSE! With our small and talented team of US-based creatives, we offer outstanding quality at a much lower cost and shorter turnaround time than most others. We value people, and pride ourselves on providing an unmatched level of personal service


"Thanks for delivering our video just the way we wanted it. You have a bunch of happy customers here!"

Lori Howell, Intel Corporation

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