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Quality development standards in any workforce begin with access to top-tier training. A well-trained team is continually refining their skill sets through innovative education.

Superior training standards give employees the confidence they need to continue to grow their careers in the right direction as well. At JumpStart Video, we offer video services for HR training that are designed to be educational, engaging resources for developing employees at every level!

HR Training Video Services at JumpStart Video

Businesses that partner with JumpStart Video will find that the HR training videos we create go above and beyond traditional expectations. Our HR training video services are streamlined to assist companies in keeping up with rigorous compliance standards.

Whether your team is in-house or remote, our HR training videos make it simple to train employees engagingly. Our approach keeps quality training standards consistent across the board as well.

JumpStart Video is proud to be a US-based creative agency that employs a team of dedicated and innovative animators. Our team takes the hassle of having to travel to training events out of the equation and replaces in-person learning with engaging HR training videos instead!

The JumpStart Video team works hard to create animated HR training videos and HR training explainer videos alike that are more engaging than traditional in-person classes. When staff can learn on-demand through our convenient video services, it’s always a more positive outcome. Our videos simplify complicated concepts and showcase quality throughout.

Videos for Corporate and HR Training

Corporate training is a continuous process, and at JumpStart Video, we create animated HR training videos and corporate educational videos to help. We’re proud to offer customers products that cover onboarding, skill training, and tool training just to name a few.

Our HR training explainer videos are useful for sales training and are highly effective when highlighting specific occupational skills. Animated HR training videos are often preferred by our customers who are looking to diversify their training methods and are catering to new hires with little to no background in a business or industry.

The JumpStart Video team is built on a platform of creativity and endless possibilities. Our services extend to recruitment videos that capture the attention of prospective employees. Once hired, our HR training explainer videos make sure every new hire is up to date on company rules and regulations.

The HR training videos we create evolve alongside staff needs. We happily create videos that are specific to sales and kickoff meetings, product training, and career and skill development, too.

Our Development Process

While we love infusing creativity into everything we do at JumpStart Video, we also value consistency when it comes to partnering with our customers through the video development process. We make sure expectations and open communication are established from day one.

Above all, we work hard to make sure the process is effortless and enjoyable. Yes, we want to meet our customer goals, but amongst ourselves, we have an undeniable drive to surpass those expectations, too!

The video development process starts with gathering all of the project information we need to make an amazing final product. Our project kickoff form is the place where customers can initially indicate any preferences related to their brand image, logo, and color combinations.

This form is also a great place to indicate video style choice. We work seamlessly with modern colors, 2D, and even whiteboard platforms and styles upon request.

The next step in the video development process is scriptwriting. While some customers come to us with a script already prepared, others prefer to leave it entirely to our writers. Either way, we’re happy to help put those finishing touches on the verbiage that will run in tandem with the visuals we’re excited to create.

At JumpStart Video, we handle voiceover as well! From specialized accents to male or female voiceover preferences, our customers can count on us to deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

From here, we move onto our favorite step which is animating a video to seamlessly match the voiceover and script. Our in-house animators adhere to a rigorous quality control process, so every project is inspiring and satisfying to our customers.

While we’re happy to work with custom timeline requests, on average, completed videos on our standard timeline are delivered to our customers within two to three weeks from the time their order is first placed. Once customers have a chance to review the video, we provide three rounds of visual edits to guarantee the product you end up with is one you love.

How Animated Videos Benefit Your Corporate Training Plan

In an increasingly digital world, animated HR training videos fit in well across all industries and businesses. They have a way of making training feel more personal while simultaneously creating a more efficient way to reach in-house and remote employees alike.

Animated training videos are inherently more enjoyable to view and more engaging for employees. This practical alternative to in-person learning ensures consistency and compliance while also cutting training costs significantly.

The Benefits of Partnering with the Professionals at JumpStart Video

In all businesses, time is money and at JumpStart Video, we save our customers from wasting time trying to create video training options on their own. While you focus on work, we’ll create exceptional training videos that help your staff comply with industry standards and excel professionally.

The quality products we deliver up are not only effective HR training tools, but they are budget-friendly, too. We invest in top-notch equipment like cameras, audio gear, and lighting so the customers we work with don’t have to. We proudly pair those features with the skills of professional video producers to create great results every time.

At the end of the day, our customers always benefit from collaborating with our talented team of storytellers. No matter what type of training needs to happen, our videos can highlight it in a way that’s engaging, informative, and above all, memorable.

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