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Exceptional Real Estate Video Marketing and Production

With over 12,000 projects completed for satisfied customers, JumpStart Video has the technical chops and creative talent to deliver the engaging listing videos that bring your properties to life and help to boost sales. Our talented team of 100% U.S.-based professionals not only brings years of experience in commercial video production and motion graphics to the table, but we’ve carefully selected a team that includes not only video production experts, but also video marketers familiar with real estate, ensuring that you’ll receive guidance and support from professionals who understand your specific needs and your market.

JumpStart Video is pleased to offer a range of appealing options for real estate professionals, including:

  • Premium real estate listing videos
  • Breathtaking aerial photography of properties
  • Corporate video production for real estate teams and in-house training videos
  • Realtor video tours
  • and more

Whether you’re looking for quality video content for the web, mobile, social media, or all of the above, our digital real estate video marketing services are designed to help agents, brokers, and realtors reach their audience and increase conversions and sales. With videos designed to bolster your brand and engage modern house hunters, JumpStart Video can help you to dominate local competition and convert more listings into sales.

Different Types of Videos

Even if you’re convinced of the added value you stand to gain by utilizing video content, you might not be sure how to approach the prospect of adding video to the mix. At JumpStart Video, we’re always happy to help you explore the options that will best serve your needs. We offer a few different categories of real estate video marketing, including:

  • Sales/Promotional Videos
  • Educational/Informational Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Onboarding

What can you expect from these real estate video marketing services? Many of our real estate clients start out looking for sales and promotional videos, primarily for the purposes of online and social media advertising.

For example, you might want to use attention-grabbing video listings or property tours instead of standard MLS listings with static photos and descriptions, as a way to providemore information for prospective buyers and add value. You might also use video ads as a means of promoting agents or real estate teams, or alternately, create agent or team introduction videos for use on real estate websites or social media profiles. This option is often more personal and compelling than pics and bios.

You may also be interested in educational/informational videos for the purposes of staff training (i.e., CRM training, workplace etiquette, and so on), or alternately, educational videos geared toward potential clients, with information and advice on topics like appraisals, what to expect after closing, and so on. Video content not only offers an engaging way to present information, but viewers tend to retain over 90% of information presented in video format (as opposed to 10% in text).

Video testimonials posted online can also lend your business credibility, while options like onboarding videos for new clients can save time by presenting key information and explaining and reviewing processes and documents prior to meeting.

Why You Need Real Estate Video Marketing

Of the many tools you can use to promote your real estate business, reach prospective clients, and generate desired conversions, real estate video marketing is among the best. This isn’t just a bold claim – it’s backed by research. Did you know that buyers find video content 6x more attractive than traditional print marketing?

In addition, you should know that 86% of online shoppers watch videos, and listings featuring videos generate 400% more inquiries than those without. Video is not only more engaging, but it’s more memorable, and often, more compelling than static photography and text. If you’re looking to increase conversions and sales, real estate video marketing services are a must.

Why JumpStart Video is the Best Choice for Real Estate Video Marketing Services

At JumpStart Video, our talented team of highly-trained and qualified professionals doesmore than just craft creative video content. We produce content tailored specifically to your business, your market, and your needs.

Our videos are designed to convey a relatable and compelling story to a global audience, and we strive to imbue every video with a sense of excitement and emotional connection. In a technical sense, real estate videos offer a better sense of how rooms and spaces within a property flow, something difficult to convey with photography alone, and we’re able to highlight unique details that could be overlooked in photos.

In addition, video allows you to virtually offer remote property tours to buyers from out of state or outside the country, or even local buyers who may not be able to conduct in-person tours. This not only increases your pool of potential buyers but enhances your ability to sell faster for a better price.

Benefits of Working with Video Production Professionals

Can you do real estate video marketing in-house? Maybe, but you’ll miss out on a lot of benefits provided by seasoned professionals. JumpStart Video offers incredible quality, thanks to an experienced group of professionals specializing in production, graphics, and we provide cutting-edge video equipment (camera, lights, audio, etc.). Our services will save you time, and we offer competitive rates that work with your budget.

More importantly, we specialize in telling stories that hook viewers. Whether you’re interested in property tours, agent introductions, or company videos for home buyers or new homeowners, we’ll craft your unique message in video, increasing audience engagement, boosting conversions, and helping you to reach your professional goals.