At JumpStart Video we’ve helped thousands of clients all over the world to create awesome animations for their business, product, or service. As owner and creative director, people often ask me how to make their animated explainer video the best it can possibly be. So, today I’m going to share five tips to help make your animated explainer videos better.

First, know your audience.

Do some research and figure out what they like and don’t like. This information should affect everything, from the tone of your video to the music you integrate. Knowing your audience well means you’ll be able to target your approach to make your video as appealing as possible.

Second, set a goal for length.

You might assume that attention spans are short, and while that may be true for some viewers, most people will watch a three to five minute video if they’re truly interested in the content. Figure out how long your audience will stay engaged, and try to set a target length that is appropriate. Consider where and how your video will most likely be viewed and let that guide your decision.

Third, tell a story.

Information is boring, but stories draw people to your message. If you can convey your message through a relatable story, you’re more likely to keep viewers all the way to the end. Don’t try to be too complicated with your storyline, either. Make it simple and relatable. People need to be able to see themselves within the story being told.

Fourth, ask your viewers to take action.

It should be abundantly clear what you want your viewers to do after watching your video. Whether it’s clicking on a link, giving you a call, signing up for something, or purchasing a product, your video needs to lead them to a clear and defined action. Otherwise, what’s the point?

And finally, share your video everywhere!

Having a great video doesn’t mean much if people never see it. Be sure to post the video on your website, and share it all over social media for a period of weeks or even months. One post or share won’t cut it.

I hope those tips were helpful! I know that if you follow them, you’ll create a great animation video that will achieve the goals you have for it. If you’re interested in hiring an experienced team to create your video, place an order today to get the process started!