All right, well thank you for clicking play and watching this video today. I am so excited the start this journey right here with you. My name is Joel Young, I’m the owner and creative director of a little company called JumpStart Video, who by the way is not so little because we have, over the last 10 years, created more than 10,000 videos for clients all over the world. We specialize in animator explainer videos, these fun, exciting and affordable little videos that go out into the world, do all this work for you, tell people about you, who you are, what you do, how you do it. My role here at JumpStart is to oversee everything that we do. Before we send something out the door, it comes through why hands, make sure the creative matches your band, make sure the story is on point. We write scripts to make sure that you are showcased in the way that you want to be showcased, the your product or your idea or your service shines through. That’s what I do, that’s my job, and I get really excited about it.

Another piece of my job is to share with you how we use these videos once they’re out into the world and really, that’s the point of this YouTube channel. We’re going to be talking about video marketing, how to get things out there and use them well once they’re created. So we not only want to help you with creating a great video, but we want to help you getting it out there into the world in the right places and to use it well.

So, today I want to tackle the question how do we create a successful explainer video? This is something that we know how to do internally, but we want to make sure that you understand that as well, understand the process, no matter who you are, what you’re going through, how do you create a successful explainer video?

Well, it really starts by answering four, simple timeless questions: Who, what, when and where. I know, probably a concept you’ve heard before, but something that is very important when it comes to creating a successful explainer video and here’s why: first and foremost, if you don’t understand who you’re targeting, your target audience, you’re never going to create something that converts well.

You need to know who these people are, where they live, how old they are, what their biggest pain points are and why you are the solution to all of those things. If you don’t understand the who, then you can never create a great video. The who drives everything. The personal drives the narrative and the story and if we don’t get that right from the very beginning then we’ve missed the boat on everything else.

The second thing we need to figure out is the what. What is it that you’re going to present to them as a solution to their problem? Hopefully that what is you. Your product, your service, your business, your organization, whatever it is, you want to be the what. What is it that we are driving towards? What is it that we are selling? What is it that we are promoting? What is it that we are calling people to? And even though it may seem obvious, that’s an extremely important part of the process. Defining the what, after we know the who.

Then there’s the when, not when are they going to be watching this video, like morning, afternoon, or night, but when will they experience this piece of marketing in their relationship with you. Maybe this is a cold video call on a Facebook ad, maybe this is something they’re going to find in a google ad, maybe this is something on the front page of your website, but either way, is this the first time you interact with them? Or is this the second time you interact with them? Or is this coming to them after they’re already a customer and you’re trying to either upsell them or cross sell them, educate them a little bit more about a process? Either way, you need to know when the who, or the person watching your explainer video will be experiencing this piece of marketing because if we don’t understand when they will experience it in the process or as many people like to say, in your funnel, then you can’t target it to their specific needs, you can’t target it to their specific situation, you’ll miss certain nuances that they need you to hit in order to be interested in your video. Got it?

And finally, of course there is the where. This means where are they going to watch this video because the where changes everything about how we create a video. Is this going to be on the front page of your website? Is it simple going to be ad they see as they scroll with no sound? Believe it or not, we have to change the way we design and create things based on where a video will be posted. Some videos are used lived at an event or maybe at a sales meeting, you walk up with an iPad and hit play on something to start a conversation. You need to make sure you’re clear on where the video will be viewed most of the time, how it will be used in the great majority, before you get started.

And we here at JumpStart Video are confident that if we can help you answer those four questions, the who, what, when and where, before we start designing and building a video for you, then we can actually create something that will be quite effective when it goes out into the world, so I hope you found this information helpful and in case you didn’t know, you can go to our website right now, it’s and order your very own custom explainer video, it just takes a few clicks and guys, these things are affordable and we do them fast. It doesn’t take months, it takes two to three weeks, just long enough for us to give you the care and attention you deserve, while also giving you something you can use almost immediately in just a couple weeks. So I encourage you to go check that out, go check out our website, watch some more of our videos, see what we can do to help you. Leave us a comment below if there’s anything you want to discuss for future videos and as always, if you enjoy the content, come back, click the subscribe button below and hit the bell right next to it so you’ll be notified every single time we get on camera and share some tips with you.

So until next time, my name is Joel Young, we are JumpStart Video and we are making animation accessible.