If you’re a business looking for more engagement on social media, then listen up!

According to recent statistics, on Instagram, a video post will generate TWICE as many comments as an image. On Twitter, videos see TEN TIMES more engagement than all other posts. On Facebook, 46% of users share a video every day with an average of 26 minutes of video watched per day by the billions of users on the platform.

The reason these numbers are so high, is that all these platforms have algorithms that give preference to video. More simply put, they’re pushing video to our screens above all other content.

You can’t afford to ignore video. Every day you’re not creating video content, is a day you’re losing ground to the rest of the market. At JumpStart Video, we make video creation fast, affordable, and easy for you! We handle everything from scriptwriting to your finished video. So reach out today, and start engaging with your customers where they already are.