Video content is more popular than ever before. As people holed up at home during 2020, they spent countless hours browsing YouTube and social media. Videos were a major source of both entertainment and information. Now, video is the expected medium for engaging with brands, so if you haven’t yet incorporated video content into your marketing strategy, this is the time. Here’s why you need to invest in video marketing for 2021 — and how to get started.

How Video Can Boost Your Content Strategy

It’s no secret that people’s attention spans have shortened. Consumers don’t read emails or websites: they skim them during their commute or while they’re waiting for a meeting to start. Everyone is juggling multiple tasks as they’re inundated with information.

It may seem that video is hardly the solution to capturing your audience’s full attention, but the research shows the opposite. Nearly 80 percent of people watch online videos at least once per week, and more than half watch them every day. Moreover, they absorb what they watch. When someone reads an email or webpage, they may retain only half the message. When they watch a video with the same message, they retain a whopping 95 percent!

Clearly, if marketers want to get their message across in 2021, they need to use video. And there are many types of videos that can flesh out an effective content marketing strategy.

Types of Videos to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

Explainer Videos

Every good marketer realizes the importance of getting consumers to “Know, Like, and Trust” you. To do that, you need to (a) demonstrate your brand’s authority and (b) help your audience imagine their lives as better when they use your product. Explainer videos are the perfect way to accomplish both. In fact, 90% of consumers find that videos help them decide whether or not to purchase a product.

You can create an explainer video about your product, such as an instructional video or a demonstration of how it works. This type of video works well on Instagram, Facebook, or on your website. Many brands are using a combination of animations, real footage, and stills in these videos.

Another way to use explainer videos is to provide an expert perspective on a topic relevant to your offering. For example, if your brand sells makeup, you can create a video showing the best eyeliner application techniques, with a CTA to visit your website. These explainer videos are excellent for YouTube or Facebook.

Interviews and Mini-Documentaries

People love seeing other people. Too often, companies fail to put a human face to their brand. Especially for small- to medium-sized enterprises, consumers are more likely to trust the brand if they feel a connection to it. That’s why authentic video content, such as interviews with your CEO, product developers, and experts, is so highly effective. Show off your people with a quick video interview, then publish it on your social media channels. If you’re working with influencers, be sure to get them on video as well.

Going behind-the-scenes is another great way to engage your audience. Shoot a video of your factories, studios, workshops, anywhere that is visually interesting. You can do a “day in the life of”-style video following an interesting member of your team, or give a virtual tour of your space. This type of video works very well for SMEs that create their products in-house (e.g. breweries, woodworkers, jewelers, handmade cosmetics, etc.) as well as those they provide a service (e.g. yoga studios, tattoo parlors, etc.).

Story Videos

For decades, brands have used videos in the form of TV commercials to sell their products. Recent commercials have embraced a storytelling format that is more engaging than overtly promotional advertisements. You can put this best practice into action for your digital content. Create a short, narrative video that highlights your brand values and the benefits of your product. This type of video works well on Instagram and Facebook. (Tip: try using animation rather than attempting a whole film production.)

It’s Time to Invest in Video Marketing

Video content is an excellent way to express your brand’s values, connect with your audience, and encourage them to buy without being “sales-y.” Plus, there is strong evidence that video marketing will improve your SEO and drive more organic traffic to your brand. That’s because video is the main type of content people want to see, and you are much more likely to capture their attention and get your message across. Best of all, making videos is now quite affordable, so you can expect a good ROI if you do it well. In sum, video marketing is the future of digital marketing — and 2021 should be your year to make it part of your strategy for success.

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