Picture, if you will, sitting in a small room with your new coworkers, all fellow first-day-on-the-job’ers. Someone from the HR department is reading you the policies, the procedures, the benefits, you name it. It’s gotta be done, but everybody knows that it can be done a better way.

Calling all HR specialists: yes, video has a place in your organization.

Over the last two years, our society has been on the fast-track to a digital workplace – a collaborative combination of digital applications, cloud computing, and all the other technology we’re familiar with. We’ve seen creative uses of technology all across a business. Why is HR any different?

We all know that HR is the mitochondria of the organization. Your processes and systems need to be the most efficient and effective, because, let’s be honest, you do way more than any of us know.

Let’s free up some time and energy from repetitive, non-value-add work and repurpose it. It’s time to automate those onboarding procedures. And here’s why.

1. Automated onboarding can improve user experience

A study by Aberdeen Group found that automated onboarding can improve the user experience by up to 82%. An automated onboarding can help new users get up and running quickly and easily – and can be personalized to a user’s specific needs and goals. And then add a fun, engaging, informative video? A recipe for a great Day 1.

2. It can improve your retention rates

Automating the onboarding experience can improve your retention rates by up to 25%, according to a study by Localytics. Automated onboarding engages new users immediately, which can lead to better long-term results. In addition, automated onboarding can help you identify and address any problems early on – before they are a problem.

3. Your bottom line can improve

A study by Forrester Research found that automated onboarding can improve your bottom line by up to 25%. Instead of using an employee’s entire day on training, why not commission a video to share the vital details? A professionally-created, informative, and engaging video can free up the entire HR team AND successfully welcome your new team members.

Satisfied users, higher retention, and an improved bottom line? What a combo. Automating your onboarding process – especially with a custom-made animation – is a winning decision.