It’s that time of year again – reviews are in and everyone wants to know if they were ahead of the curve. Let’s see how you did when it came to trending videos of 2021. We know, trends seem to be coming and going as quickly as ever now, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t create a video that sticks.

The following is a list of 5 trending video ideas and formats that were more popular than ever this year, did yours make the cut?

Trend 1) Data-driven “Top 10” Lists:

Remember the days where someone would make a top-ten list about anything they were passionate about? Well those days never actually went away; we just stopped being reminded of them because everybody started using silly animated slideshows for their lists. But in 2020-2021, data-driven lists made a BIG comeback.

Why? Because people are distrustful of opinionated content more than ever. They want to know what the numbers say. And with video, you can easily show your viewers interactive data visualizations that will back up your points.

Trend 2) Social Experiments:

The great thing about social experiments is that they’re always relevant, because human nature never changes. People are still curious about how their peers will react in certain situations, and they love to see the results of experiments that challenge social norms.

Plus, with Facebook and other social media platforms becoming increasingly algorithm-driven, it’s more important than ever to create shareable content that will get people talking. Social experiments are the perfect way to do that and have a trending video fast.

Trend 3) Documentaries:

In the era we’re currently in, it seems like more and more people are interested in learning about the world around them. Documentaries have always been a great way to do that, and they only became more popular in 2021.

Not only are documentaries a great way to educate your viewers, but they can also be incredibly engaging. People love to see real-life stories unfold on screen, and they’re more likely to share docs with their friends than any other type of video. Go ahead and plan for documentaries and docu-series to continue a streaming platform take over.

Trend 4) DIY – “How-To” Videos:

There’s a reason why “how-to” videos are some of the most trending videos on YouTube: they’re incredibly helpful. DIY has always been intriguing but no one had the time. Then 2020 happened, people found the time and realized they actually enjoyed these activities. That same drive spilled over into 2021, thus making DIY or “how-to” videos one of the most sought out video.

People are constantly looking for ways to improve their lives, and “how-to” videos offer the perfect solution. They’re easy to follow, and they always provide valuable information. If you want to create a video that will be widely shared, consider creating a “how-to” video.

Trend 5)Animated Explainer Videos:

Last but certainly not least, animation. Animation is a great way to explain complex concepts in an easily digestible way. That’s why animated explainer videos have become so popular in recent years.

And there’s no indication that this trend is going to change anytime soon. Animation is becoming more and more mainstream, especially among younger generations who have grown up on cartoons. Plus, animated videos are significantly cheaper to create than live-action ones, so you can’t go wrong by investing in one for your business. Check some ideas out here!

Alright folks, those are just a few of the trending video types that won the popularity contest this year. But there’s no denying that trends change all the time, which means it’s hard to predict what type of video content will be in demand at any given moment in time.

So if you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to creating a viral hit, focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your videos. Make sure they’re high-quality and unique before releasing them into the world. And just keep in mind that nothing is more valuable than originality, so try to think outside the box when it comes to your video ideas!