An explainer video is now an integral part of business marketing in real estate. It has become a mandatory practice to include relevant videos in the marketing strategy for any business. Did you know that 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI?

When it comes to real estate, the use of animated explainer videos has brought immense results for many companies. They are not only getting more views on their websites but also selling more homes than they did before adding videos to their sites.

Here are some ways by which animated explainer videos help in real estate deals:

Helps with Branding

A good video can make your brand look like one big company rather than different small businesses collaborating. If you have decided to collaborate with another agency (just like how three agents from different agencies collaborated together), then using an animated explainer video will help you get a better brand image. If the client likes your agency, then he or she will stay with that company even after buying or selling a home.

Shows the Work

Since an explainer video is a very short movie, you can easily show your work. You need not do much writing to convince the viewer about how good at their job you are. All they have to do is watch a few seconds of the video and they will know everything on their own.

Shows the Effort

Another way in which an animated explainer video helps you is that it shows your efforts. It can show how many agents are working together to sell homes, or how much time they have spent to make their website. All these things will help people know about your bang for buck value proposition and they will appreciate that. The more effort you put in, the more trust you will get. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that there is a level of trust between the client and the company.

Shows the Quality

A good video quality shows that your company is trying to use the latest techniques for marketing their business. The same can be said about other things like websites, social media pages, and so on. So better keep them updated if you want people to step inside your office or click on your link first. It is not about winning social media or video war but winning the trust and getting more business.

Shows the Information

This is one of the prime benefits of using an animated explainer video in marketing your business. An explainer video can easily show how much work you have done, what others say about you, and all other relevant information that can lead to business. The thing about success is that it can never be guaranteed but explaining things in a video is always possible, which is why you should use animated explainer videos in real estate.

In 2020, Millennials (ages 25-39) continued to make up the largest group of home buyers. Further, 86% of Younger Millennials (22-29) and 52% of Older Millennials (30- 39) were first-time home buyers. Meet your buyers where they are and extend the olive branch of video today.