The competition for clients in the real estate market is stiff to say the least. There are many tried and true methods to getting the word out about being a real estate agent, but are they setting you apart and bringing in consistent new clients? Chances are you haven’t fully tapped into getting all of the clients you could be. It might be time to change your approach to getting more clients. Where should you start? With explainer videos!

How Can Using Explainer Videos Bring in More Clients?

Get More Inquiries

Did you know that real estate listings that contain video footage get 403% more inquiries than similar listings without video?

Now, consider your website, Facebook page, or seller’s profile. If video improves listings by 403% can you imagine how many more client inquiries you could potentially get too by using explainer videos to promote your services?  The growth could be massive!

Increase Your Odds

Video has proven time and time again to engage users, website visitors and potential clients greater than any other type of media. In fact, media like explainer videos can:

Those are pretty good odds! Using animated explainer videos to create a greater understanding of your unique offering as a real estate agent puts the client in a more likely position to choose your services over others too!

Personally Connect

As a real estate agent, you know the power of personal connection and relationship building – it’s the foundation of your business and how you’re able to build a client base. Take that even further with explainer videos giving more insight into who you are. 

Creating an “About me” explainer video will allow potential clients to get to know you, what you specialize in and help them see that you’re the right person to help them buy or sell their home! 

Business cards and personal meetings are great, but there’s only so many hours in a day. Explainer videos can help you take your personal reach farther and draw in more clients. 

Provide Knowledge and Education

Even though you know all of the ins and outs of loans, mortgages, closings, and what the current market looks like, it doesn’t mean that your potential clients do. In fact, the entire home buying or selling process might be confusing and daunting to them. Enter explainer videos. 

Creating a series of knowledge rich and educational explainer videos talking about everything from when to list your home, to what goes into mortgage lenders’ interest rate offers, to learning how to negotiate the price of a home, will set you apart, give your potential clients more confidence and make them more likely to choose you to help them through the process. 

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