Training in your organization is no easy task. Getting your team and employees to actually want to participate can be even more challenging. Employee engagement has been in decline for some time, with fewer than 5% of HR professionals saying that their employees would go above and beyond what is currently asked of them. Why is this?

Is it because employees don’t want to be engaged? Have they simply not had the right training to be able to do so? Or is the current training in place so boring that they simply don’t engage with it?

Training should be fun and so should your training videos! 

Why Should I Focus on Creating Fun Training Videos?

You may be thinking “Why should I worry about making training fun for my team? I just need them to retain the information and carry it out.” That’s precisely why you need to make training videos fun!

If your organization’s training videos are fun and engaging, your team is far more likely to retain the important information that you’re trying to communicate. 

Check out this example:

In 2017, Kaltura issued its fourth annual survey-based report on the state of video in education. They found that…

93% of college students felt video increased satisfaction with their learning experience.

78% of faculty believed that video improved the onboarding experience of new employees.

While this study was heavily based on the education and college space, the principles apply to a business setting too. When students, employees, or other team members are engaged in a medium that they enjoy, they are far more likely to learn more, enjoy the experience, and become more productive because of it. 

Not only is important that they retain more information from a fun and engaging training video, but when the process is enjoyable, they will become a happier employee too. Why is this a big deal?

A 2015 study found that happier employees are more productive by an average of 12%. Creating fun in the office, including with your training videos, is important to the overall health, happiness and ultimately, productivity of your employees. 

How Do I Create Fun and Engaging Training Videos?

Think about your audience. 

Before creating anything, think about your team of employees. What are they like? What appeals to them? If you don’t know, consider creating a survey asking them some questions about their basic likes and dislikes, learning style and more. This will help you create a more tailored experience for your audience that they’ll actually care about. 

Consider the time. 

While you may have tons of content and information to deliver, you don’t want to pack all of it into an hour long video. Consider a training video series of a number of different videos, so that each individual video is much shorter. This will make it easier for employees to digest. Corporate training platform, iSpring recommends keeping individual training videos at 2-9 minutes each. 

Use images that communicate your message. 

Not only do you want to use images that are representative of what you want to communicate, but also images that engage and entertain your viewers. Whiteboard explainer videos are a great way to do both of these things. Whiteboard explainer videos marry to important factors in training videos – simplicity and fun! Your message will be clear and entertaining all in one. 

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