As a manager, HR pro, leadership and development director or leader of a team, internal training might be the most challenging part of your job. You’re constantly trying to find ways to engage your employees in necessary and vital training, but you may find that you’re banging your head against the wall more times than not.

Internal training is so important and yet so hard to find the right medium and engaging tools to actually get employees to focus on it. Video is a medium commonly used, but even though video is regarded as the most engaging type of content, many HR pros and leaders still find it doesn’t get the job done – because their employees aren’t actually watching the videos. 

So, how can you get your employees to actually watch your organization’s training videos?

Animated explainer videos!

Before we can get into why animated explainer videos work, we first have to discuss why traditional internal training videos don’t…

Why Traditional Training Videos Don’t Work

They’re boring. 

When an employee hears that there’s an internal training session day or training videos that they have to watch, more than likely, their first reaction is dread. Training videos – for the most part – are boring! While it can’t be all about entertainment, if you want your employees to actually watch and absorb the training, the video content simply can’t be boring. 

They’re usually too long. 

While it may seem like a good idea to present an hour-long or more video to get it all knocked out at once, chances are you will lose your employees within the first few minutes of the video. 

They’re long-winded. 

Most training videos lack succinctness and efficiency. This isn’t to be confused with length though. We’re talking about only putting the most important and necessary information in front of your employees, without any of the fluff that traditional training videos have. 

Why Animated Explainer Videos Do Work

They are extremely engaging. 

Why is this? One aspect is the combination of animations, text, and voiceover. By combining these different elements, viewers are stimulated both visually and from an audio perspective. The characters in the video also help to make animated explainer videos very engaging. Animated explainer videos, when done well, should tell a story, follow a character and take you on a journey. This leads to a more engaged viewer than with traditional video formats. 

They explain complex topics in a simple way. 

Some of the information and training you need to deliver may be pretty simple. Other topics may be far more complex and hard to get across in a clear and cohesive way. This is where animated explainer videos really shine. From demos to how-to videos, and other types of training, an animated explainer video can help you get your complex point across in a simple manner. 

They are affordable. 

Animated explainer videos are one of the more inexpensive ways to create a series of training videos and other educational materials for your organization. Choose the right, affordable partner, and you could create an entire training video series for an extremely reasonable cost. 

Getting Started on an Animated Explainer Video
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