Onboarding and training are important, but can also be expensive. You want to make sure that your new hires are inspired, and engaged in the company. 

So how can companies accomplish this? They can change the whole process of onboarding and training, with video. Studies show that employees are 75% more likely to stay engaged when watching videos. Keeping employees engaged and excited from the get-go is key to keeping them in the long run. 

Training videos like motion graphic video and explainer videos have the ability to not only improve the actual quality of the onboarding process, but also make it more efficient, cost-effective, and engaging.


A single video can train countless employees. You save the cost of traveling, hotels, and a variety of other training costs associated with the onboarding process. While you’re saving money, you’re increasing the information attained. 

Employees will have forgotten up to 65% of the training session, seven days after completing it. With explainer video training, anytime you begin to forget a part of the training you can check it out again. The information always stays with you. 

Provides Great Storytelling

When you’re getting trained by a trainer, you don’t know what you’re going to get. It could be a good experience or an awful one. Some days that person may be into it, and other times they may just go through the motions. 

A video provides the same training for everyone and the best. The company can get the most enthusiastic people to create the video and make it as engaging as possible.  

A great story mixed with an animated explainer video or a motion graphics video, will prove to be very exciting and engaging for new hires. 

No More Out Of Date Training

I think most of us have dealt with explainer videos that seemed about 30 years out of date. With accompanying documents that were just as old. 

With modern video onboarding, you can make quick updates as needed. These updates are fast, and cheap, and will allow the training process to always be with the times. 

Some of these updates are as easy as minor changes to a PDF file or updating some web content that accompanies the video. 

Faster Process

Nobody likes being the new guy. We all want to fit in and be good at the job. With modern video training, the process is quicker making a smoother transition into your position. 

This ultimately leads to people feeling good about their job, and staying.  Especially training processes that involve a lot of reading. Videos can take that information and explain it much easier. 

As you can see there’s a beauty to video training. Our brains naturally take in information through video easier than other methods. We don’t only take in that information, but we retain it. 

Why spend the money and time on inefficient and outdated methods of training? Create compelling stories that drive home the importance of your company and what you do. 

Motion graphics videos, animated explainer videos, or just regular explainer videos are all effective. Drive home your mission statement, keep good employees, and do it all in an effective and efficient way by incorporating video into your onboarding.