If you’re smart about digital marketing, you’re probably already including videos in your content strategy. However, if you’re only mixing in random videos here and there, you might be holding yourself back from your best results. A video campaign can keep your target audience engaged and boost your following more than single video posts.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Today’s consumers watch online video about 100 minutes a day. They’re actively seeking this type of content, so by leveraging this powerful format, your company can best connect with your audience. Videos allow you to effectively communicate your key messages without the effect of being too “sales-y.” By creating high-value, entertaining videos, you encourage people to keep an eye on your brand presence.

Why are Video Campaigns So Powerful?

Whether you’re running a specific marketing campaign or just want to help your audience get to know your brand better, a video campaign is an excellent way to do so. Videos are digestible and engaging, but they can also tie into each other to tell a longer story. Just as your audience is primed to keep tuning in for their favorite shows, they’ll be more likely to watch and respond to a running video campaign. Plus, you can dig into more details than you could with a single video.

Tips for Video Campaigns

When crafting your video campaign, ensure that you start with a compelling story. You could tell the story of your company, your customers’ buying journey, or how your products are created. Let this story play out throughout multiple videos, with each video offering another piece of the puzzle. Conclude each video with a call-to-action (e.g. to subscribe to your channel or visit your website) and a teaser for the next video.

You can also cue different videos into your various target personas. Try coming at your core message from different angles. For example, you could highlight a case study or success story that reflects each audience segment, then release them as a themed series. Some companies organize their videos by recurring formats, such as a “Small Business Spotlight.” Either way, you’ll build trust among your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Wrapping Up

Video campaigns help keep your target audience engaged with your brand without seeming overly promotional. Plus, many consumers find videos much more digestible and intriguing than lengthy blogs or other text-based content. You can and should deploy videos across various channels, including social media platforms and your website, to provide consistent messaging throughout your digital presence.

If you’re interested in adding video to your digital marketing strategy, we’d love to help! Shoot us a message anytime.