Video content is an engaging way to get your message across, but it’s not just for marketing! HR directors and recruiters are increasingly realizing the benefits of video. It’s now more affordable than ever to produce videos — and this investment can actually reduce your overall costs. How can your HR team leverage video content while recruiting and onboarding employees? Read on for some valuable ideas.

Recruit More Qualified Candidates

Competition for top talent is fierce. Your best candidates are making snap impressions of potential employers. And now that remote work has opened up the global job marketplace, they have more opportunities than ever. Cut through the noise and attract premium candidates: a powerful recruiting video expresses your company culture and offers enticing social proof that your organization is an amazing place to work. 

A recruiting video also allows you to clarify your expectations, preferred work style, and benefits. This reduces “tire-kickers” and helps get you and prospective employees on the same page. 

Offer a Friendlier Onboarding Process with Videos for HR

Videos for HR

The first few steps of hiring a new employee can be quite clinical, from dry emails to long forms. Liven up the process and engage new hires with a welcome video. Seeing people’s faces helps reduce nervous jitters. Plus, a video is a perfect way to capture your company’s culture.

You can also explain your core expectations and any onboarding to-dos. People retain information better when they watch a video and are less likely to misinterpret or miss key details. 

You don’t even need to wait for the new hire to arrive to show them this video. Email it to them once they’ve accepted the offer and start things off on the right foot. 

Clarify Complicated Paperwork

No matter how modern your HR systems are, there is still a lot of paperwork. This can be daunting for new hires who may already feel overwhelmed or nervous. Make it easier for them and reduce costly mistakes by illustrating what they need to do. For example, you could record a screen capture video showing how your employee portal works.

Video is also a great way to explain complicated benefits packages, insurance enrollment, and so on. Record one of your HR reps giving a simple overview, then capture images of essential forms. Edit them together for an engaging, easy-to-follow tutorial. This saves you the trouble of hosting an onboarding session and allows new hires to successfully complete the paperwork on their own time. 

Streamline Employee Training with Videos for HR

Training videos are nothing new, but they’re even more important in the age of remote work. Create short videos that demonstrate your workflow, illustrate key processes, and orient new employees to the team. You can use this 

To avoid the dreary training-style video and excite new hires, keep your training videos short and sweet. Integrate them into your onboarding flow rather than making the new employee sit in a dark room for hours. For example, you can intersperse short videos with training exercises.

The key benefit of video training is a self-directed learning process for the new hire. This saves your team members time; they will only need to be present for the training that absolutely requires a human presence. Then, employees can refer back to the videos any time to review concepts or job their memories.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to video’s dynamic nature, it’s an adaptable way to engage job candidates and streamline both onboarding and training. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive, and once your videos are done, you can use them again and again. Show off your company culture, get the right information to new hires, and save your HR team’s time and resources. You can do it all with video content.

Want to use video but not sure how to get started? Need some guidance? Reach out to JumpStart Video for a no-obligation consultation on getting HR videos for your organization.