Growing your business means growing the productivity of your employees. Using video training modules, such as onboarding videos, can help you achieve that without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to standardize your training process or cut down the costs of live training, video can help you achieve both.

Onboarding Video Training Modules

With video training modules, what you get is the ability to talk to your employees in their own language. By watching a short video rather than reading pages of training manual material, they can grasp concepts more effectively. You also don’t have to limit your video training modules for new employees only. For example, you may want to produce tutorials for current employees with upcoming new software releases. Then they can hit the ground running. With video training modules, you can create a library that covers a wealth of topics — maybe even an entire curriculum — that can be accessed by your employees whenever they need it. 

Onboarding Video is a Powerful Tool

onboarding video

Videos are a powerful tool for onboarding new employees, it’s the most effective and efficient way to ensure that your employees are all on the same page. When you receive video content from us, you can rest assured that every employee will get the information they need to be successful. 

Of course, video training is just part of the overall onboarding process, but it can have a significant impact. Primarily because they are much more than just instructional tools. Videos are able to create an emotional connection to help employees feel like they are already part of the team. They can also help streamline onboarding by taking new hires through tasks in a step-by-step manner, saving money and resources.

Onboarding Video vs Audio

Video training videos offer some very unique advantages over print and/or audio-based training materials. As you know if you’ve ever had to read through a 10-page onboarding manual, the most significant advantage is that videos don’t have to be boring. Because they’re not bound to traditional writing conventions and confusing infographics, they can be a great way to communicate important information. This, in turn, creates more engagement, which in turn improves productivity. If you’re looking to streamline onboarding or reduce training costs, then video can be a one-stop solution. 

JumpStart can create your Onboarding Videos!

If you’re looking for a video creation platform that is versatile, affordable, and offers comprehensive onboarding support, then JumpStart Video is the content creation platform for you. We can create custom professional videos to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional onboarding.

Our team members are experts in content creation. The best part is that you don’t need to be. Whether you want to develop new content, or edit and optimize your existing material, we have you covered.

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