Trust is the end all be all of consumer/producer relationships. We all know it! At some point in time, you have had a friend rave to you about the Netflix show she is binge-watching; this friend can not stop talking about the juicy plot details and what she thinks may happen next. Then, naturally, she turns to you and says, “You have to watch it! You will love it!” Of course, several weeks later you find yourself succumbing to the magical powers of the “watch another episode” button. Brand trust works in a similar fashion. Are other people talking positively about your brand? How reliable are these people and how many are doing so? To gain your customer’s trust is to tap into an unlimited supply of business relationships. Creating a content marketing strategy can do just that for you – build brand trust and credibility.

Building trust

92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth advertising over any other form of advertisement. So, whether positive or negative, people will operate based upon what others tell them. The first step in controlling this narrative is to figure out who you want to talk about your product or service and what you want them to say. In content marketing, it is essential to bring the correct advertising tools to the table. Figure out what specific demographics, lifestyles, and social niches you can particularly serve. Make sure what you produce connects with these groups.

The most crucial step in building trust is simply being a company worth trusting. Be authentic with your audience. Be transparent with your customer base. People connect with stories and content marketing lets you put your story to the public for others to connect with.

Getting started with a Content Marketing Strategy

It is not always easy to know exactly where to get started. You have taken a look at your business, assessed your content marketing needs, and you know that it is time to get started cultivating brand trust with your audience. Maybe you even realize that you need a content marketing strategy but you are unsure of how to build one. Good news! Here at JumpStart, we utilize the number one piece of content marketing available – video. Video connects with customers more than any other form of media and it is the perfect gateway to garnering trust. 

Not only does JumpStart specialize in video, but we have a host of experts on staff who has helped with dozens of successful content marketing campaigns using video to build trust and much more. We know we can help you. The first step we will take is to sit down with your team and take a look at exactly what you need. We will ask questions and work with you to find your target audience and how we can tailor it to their needs. Do not fall behind and lose out on business relationships because you did not have a successful content marketing strategy, get started with JumpStart today!