When we talk about video marketing, most of us think about video content on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. However, there’s still an important place for videos on your website, and, in fact, videos can boost traffic to your site. Plus, videos that you release on social media can drive viewers to your site through carefully placed CTAs. Here’s how to boost your site’s SEO with video.

Lengthen Your Visitors’ Time on Your Site

One of the primary issues facing many website owners is a high bounce rate. Users simply have short attention spans. If they don’t immediately see what they’re looking for, they’ll hit the Back button and abandon your site. Unfortunately, many users don’t take the time to read content to assess a page’s value. That’s where video comes in. Users are much more likely to watch a brief video than to spend their precious time searching a website. If they do, they’re already spending at least 30 seconds on your site. This helps reduce your bounce rate and makes your site more favorable to Google.

Give Search Engines Valuable Media to Index

Google doesn’t stop at scanning your site’s text for information. It also parses your rich media, which means it’s using your videos to determine the value your site offers to users. Plus, many users are searching for video content via Google. Having quality videos on your site can help bring in organic traffic, which further tells search engines that you deserve a higher ranking.

Send Social Media Viewers to Your Site

The more regular visitors you have, the higher that Google regards your website. That’s why your social media marketing should regularly direct your followers to your site. Video content is an excellent way to do this, because it tends to be more eye-catching and engaging than static content. On YouTube, you can even embed a link to your website in your video, making it easy to convert YouTube users (who might have stumbled upon your video randomly) into leads on your website.

Increase Traffic with Video

In conclusion, video content raises the profile of your entire digital presence, including your social media channels and your website. Google assesses the quality of your content to determine how your site ranks in search results, so it’s never a bad idea to publish high-value content on your site. Video is a great way to do this because it encourages engagement with your content. On social platforms, it can lure in your audience and direct them to your site, further boosting your search engine results ranking. Make video a key part of your SEO strategy and watch your conversion rate rise.

If you’re interested in adding video to your digital marketing strategy, we’d love to help! Shoot us a message anytime.