Engaging employees in training, organizational change or even just small, simple improvements can be tricky. Employee engagement is what every manager, HR rep, and leader wants to see in their organization, with 71% of executives saying that it is critical to the success of their business. But — it’s not always easy to create. In fact, worldwide, only 15% of employees are engaged with their work and organization.

Employee engagement is by no means a simple problem to solve, but there are some simple steps you can take in order to increase employee engagement. 

There are many parts to employee engagement, but a few of the keys include:

Showing appreciation

Creating buy-in

Communicating clearly

Animated videos are a great way to do all of these things and more!

Showing Appreciation

According to Hubspot, 69% of employees said that they would be more committed and work harder in their current roles if they were shown more appreciation. This is a commitment that leadership must make in your organization to constantly recognize and encourage team members. Another simple and scalable way to do this is through animated videos. 

Imagine sending out a fun and encouraging video monthly to the department or team member that you want to recognize, then publicize it everywhere to give the department or team members the recognition they deserve! 

This is a fun way to show your appreciation, in a unique way, that will mean a lot to them and communicate to your organization as a whole, that hard work and engagement is rewarded! 

Creating Buy-In

One of the easiest missteps and mess-ups in employee engagement is starting a change initiative without ever explaining the “why” to the people that will actually be carrying out the change. This applies to many different things in your organization, but if you want to get people on board, they have to know WHY you’re doing something in order to get buy-in. Animated videos are a great way to achieve this as well. 

In a matter of a couple of minutes, an animated video can explain a change easily and succinctly. It can be delivered to the entire organization as well so that everyone is on the same page and receives the same information. 

On top of that, animated videos are fun to watch and easy to digest so you’ll have a much greater chance of getting everyone to actually watch it!

Communicating Clearly

That leads right into the third piece of employee engagement that is crucial to get right. Communication is everything, no matter the size of your organization, but especially in a larger one. 

If there is a concept, change, initiative, or even just an important reminder about something coming up, animated videos are the way to go. 

People are far more likely to watch these and not ignore them like the dozens of emails they get a day. Animated videos are clear and simple in their communicate so there’s no confusion around what needs to happen going forward. 

The visual aspect adds another layer of clarification as well, especially if you need to demonstrate something visually. 

Why Should I Care?

If that all sounds great, but you’re wondering if animated videos or employee engagement initiatives are worth the investment, consider these facts:

Companies with high employee engagement rates are typically about 21% more profitable.

High employee engagement increases the likelihood that team members will take less time off work because they actually want to be there!
Low rates of employee engagement seriously costs! Smarp reports that you could lose over $5,000 each time an employee walks out the door.

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