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Today, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of using a smaller agency. That’s because we here at Jump Start Video consider ourselves a small creative agency. There’s only five, count us, five of us right now at the date we are recording this, in January 2020. We’re a growing company, but we intentionally have kept ourselves lean, kept ourselves small. We are a 100% U.S.-based, right here in the heart of America, creative agency. We don’t outsource work, we do everything in-house, try to make sure that you get the best possible product, quickest turnaround times. And today I wanna talk about why using a smaller agency, like Jump Start, is a great benefit to you, because sometimes, larger agencies can seem to have greater creative power. But there are some realities that I wanna make you aware of that I just wanna talk through with you and things that I think are a great benefit to working with a smaller agency. 

The first is, and I’ve got my notes here, a personal relationship. Folks, we have a personal relationship with every client we have ever worked with. We are there with them from the beginning to end. In fact, if you’ve worked with us, you’ve worked with me. I’m not only the owner, I’m the creative director and I still talk to most of the customers. Actually, I talk to every customer before the end of the process. We’ve got a great project manager that helps with on-boarding and gathering your information, we also have an animator, I do some animation work myself, I do some voice work and then we have a script, or copywriter, on the team. But the truth is, you’re gonna get personal service from every member of our team, all the way down the line and someone is gonna know your name. You’re gonna know the name of someone on our team, probably me, and you’re gonna be able to reach out at any point in the future if you need help, or edits, or anything, you can reach out to, not a company, but a person and we believe that that personal relationship matters. 

That’s the way we do business, that’s the way we do life, that’s the way we work together as a team, internally. We believe that people matter, personal relationships matter and we treat our clients like that. We are extremely concerned about how you feel, quote, about the end product. We want you to love your video, be thrilled with the results and if you’re not thrilled, we’re not thrilled. And that’s because we’ve developed a relationship with you and we’re invested in your business. So, it would be my advice, to always work with someone that’s invested in your business, whether it’s us, or any other agency, or you’re hiring someone to mow your lawn or work on your home. Work with someone who’s invested in you, in a personal relationship with you, and trust me, things will always go better. 

The second thing I want to mention, a benefit of working with us, and a smaller agency of any kind, is direct communication. And we just kinda talked about this a little bit, but the fact is, in our size of a company, you’re gonna speak with the owner, all day long. Meaning that I can make decisions, I can help solve problems, I’ve work with thousands of clients and my team has worked with thousands of clients, just like you, and we know how to get things done and to make things work. And the reason direct communication is such a big deal is because you’re not going to get a different person every time you try to contact us. There are only a handful of us here and because you’ll know our names, you can get directly to who you need to get to and most of the time, don’t even to request that, you just do, automatically. So direct communications helps things get done faster, it helps things to be communicated more clearly. 

You don’t have to take a message and pass it along the line. You ever play that game when you were a kid, telephone, and you say like something over here, and then it passes through all the kids and it’s something else over here? You don’t have to do that with a smaller agency like us. Direct communication’s what you get and it’s gonna help you get the results that you want, more quickly, and leave you satisfied; at least we hope so. 

The third thing I want to talk about, is quicker turnaround times. Now the truth is, we are always busy. We’re thankful for being busy, we have a lot of clients, we work with people all over the world and we normally run with 40 or 50 projects open at one time. But we know how to do it, we’ve been doing it for years, over a decade we’ve been doing this kind of work, but we still believe that we’re gonna give you quicker turnaround times than larger agencies that have more overhead, more hands, more projects on tap and things that they’re doing. Most of the time, their attention is diluted a little bit. We do all of our projects within two or three weeks. 

There are very rare exceptions, with very, very long training videos. You know, we couldn’t do an hour-long piece of content in just two or three weeks, of course not, but most of our projects, most of the projects we work on for clients just like you, are two to three minutes long. These things are all completed in two to three weeks. We make sure that things are fast, edits are handled in just a couple days, and we believe that’s a huge advantage to working with a smaller agency because not only do you get to speak to the right person at the right time, but that speeds things up. And we get things done, and out the door and back to you, so you can get them out there and use them in the world and that’s a great advantage to you, trust me, it is. 

The fourth, and final, thing I want to talk about, the reason it’s great to work with a smaller agency is pride in our work. Now I’m not saying that larger agencies don’t have pride in their work. They have a brand to maintain, they certainly have pride in some things they do, I think that can’t be said, that other people don’t have pride in their work, but, know that when you work with Jump Start, in particular, and most of the time, smaller agencies, they take great pride, we take great pride in every single piece of work we put out. 

In fact, I’m always thrilled to see work that we did years ago, come back to us, maybe for an edit or a change. It’s still being used out there in the world and you say, “You know what? “This holds up pretty darn good “after four, or five, six years.” But we think that most video content needs to be refreshed often, to stay current. Sometimes a piece of content can work for you for years, and if it’s done well, then it’s awesome to see it out in the wild, or to come back to you for edits, or whatever it is, because that means you have pride in it. It’s like a child, we’ve birthed over 13,000 video children out into the world. And that just got a little bit weird, didn’t it? But, hey, I know you can handle it so I’m just gonna leave it in there and roll with it. This is real, raw, this is uncut, people. You love what, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. 

Anyway, all that I can say, we are just extremely proud of all the work we do, we’re extremely proud of the clients we get to do it for, and we believe that there are great advantages in working with a smaller agency, a team that’s gonna give you personal and direct service, we can get something done even quicker and I believe the value is incredible. 

Folks, if you haven’t done so already, if you’ve never been to our website, go look at some of our work and then look at our prices. A lot of our competitors, a lot of the people out there, won’t even post prices on their website. Why? Because they don’t want you to be scared away. They wanna have a conservation with you and try to convince you that you need to spend thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars, on a piece of content, when the truth is, you just don’t. The reality is, you need great pieces of content out there working for you, in multiples. So it would be much more beneficial to have 10, $1,000 videos out there, than one $10,000 video out there, and that is just a fact. 

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and today’s tips. If you want more of these, like I said before, please subscribe below, hit the bell to be notified every time we post another great video. And until next time, my name is Joel Young. We are Jump Start Video and this is not coffee. There’s nothing in this cup.