– Hey everybody, welcome to sunny Boulder Colorado. It’s a beautiful day and you are beautiful people. Thank you for joining me in this video. My name is Joel and I’m the owner and creative director of a company called Jumpstart Video We create thousands of great animation videos every single year for people all over the world and we create these awesome videos where we share the knowledge that we’ve gained over more than 10 years of working in the video marketing industry and over doing 13, 14 I don’t know how many we’re up to thousands of videos by now for people, like I said all over the world. 

And today I want to follow a video that I made last week if you haven’t seen it, go back and look for it. Wherever you’re watching this video, it’s probably posted. It’s called best practices for selling on social. And that video created a lot of buzz and a lot of conversation and a lot of questions from you guys and gals out there about what you should be doing on social. And since most of the work that we do ends up on social if it doesn’t start there. I it eventually ends up there, I thought it’d be worth talking about the social media strategies that we’ve seen and used and that work to get the word out about your product service, maybe a a business that you run a nonprofit, whatever it is, these are ways to effectively communicate on social without overselling without getting on people’s nerves. 

So we’ll start with the thesis from the previous video, which was that if you sell yourself on social too much, people will simply stop listening. In fact, the title of the article was the best way to sell on social is to stop selling. And it seems a little counterintuitive to most people that you’ve got to stop selling in order to sell. But the point of social media is not to sell, the point of social media is to build a relationship with somebody. That’s the whole idea. It’s a social network. You’re not selling people something right there, you’re networking with them so that they will keep you in mind if they ever need your services, or know someone that needs your services, they’re connected to you already. That’s the idea. 

Social media is not for selling it’s for building relationships. And the best way, the best way to build relationships is to provide value to your friends, I put them in quotes. They may be real friends, they are certainly real people but that’s what we call them on Facebook friends, maybe on LinkedIn, your connections, YouTube, your subscribers, whatever you call them, your connections, you need to make sure that you’re providing value in this relationship above everything else. Because on social media value is what drives the relationship. 

The reason people enjoy seeing your content in their feed and don’t unfollow you is because you bring some sort of value to their life. I follow friends who travel a lot because I really like to see the pictures of the places that they’re going. That provides value to me in a very real sense. It brings me joy and happiness because I get to see my friends doing great things, and also get the dream about places I’d like to go. I have friends that also follow maybe chefs because they they’re not great cooks, but they want to be and they follow these people, these ladies and these guys who are great chefs, they share recipes, they teach them how to be a better chef or to one day aspire to be a chef, whatever it is. The reason people follow you and keep you in their feed is because you’re providing some sort of value in their life. So the reality is, if all you’re ever doing is selling, people are eventually going to turn off to that. That’s not what they want to hear it doesn’t provide value, it actually makes you quite an annoyance to them. So that was the thesis of the previous video. 

Today, I want to talk about a realistic goal, or something you can do to follow up on that idea to actually put that into practice on your page, whether you’re selling something, whether you’re working for a nonprofit, whether you’re running a business or trying to grow a business, from the ground up. There’s a rule that we like to use called the 10 to one rule, or the 10 to one ratio. And here’s how that works. The rule is, for every 10 pieces of content that you create, that are value based, you can create one piece of content that sells or makes an official ask, we call this a call to action, or drawing somebody to do something specific. Go here and buy this, come attend our event, call me today for a free consultation. Whatever it is, you should be providing 10 posts of value before you do one post of selling or one ask. That’s why we call it the 10 to one ratio. 

Now for every different organization, this is going to look different. For some people, this may be a lot of blog articles, maybe it’s explainer videos, teaching, giving away knowledge for free, that’s really the quickest and easiest way to stay in people’s feet. Give them great knowledge and we obviously think videos a great way to do that, blogs I think will be down the list articles but they do have some effect for people who actually can still read and will still read, we know you’re out there you you literate people, you can do it, everybody can do it. But no matter what that content is, you should make it your goal to share 10 pieces of helpful uplifting, inspiring encouraging value based content with no asking them whatsoever before you ever post one that asks your followers or your network or your connections or your subscribers to do anything. And in so doing, you will develop a relationship as a reputation as primarily a value based follow. People who follow you can then surely recommend you to other people by saying you know what, they post a lot of really funny pictures. Maybe that’s your thing, maybe humor is a huge part of your business and and you’re posting just funny stuff that people love to share and it gives them a great laugh it lifts their spirits every single day and then you can post 10 pieces of humor and then one ask Hey, come to my show. Maybe you’re a stand up comedian, I would personally love to be a stand up comedian. Lifetime goal of mine. I’m going to do it one day. That’s right. I’m going to do it. I said it here, I’m going to do it. It’s on YouTube so I have to do it. 

But if you’re a stand up comedian, you can provide 10 pieces of great money come on tip before you ask people to do one thing, like come to a show or Hey, go buy my DVD, or Hey, go watch my Netflix special. I believe that if you start doing this, you’ll start noticing greater retention and greater engagement with your posts. Meaning that people will be more likely to not only see your content, but to like it, to share it, to comment on it to to favorite it, whatever it is on the network that you’re sharing on, they’re going to have a far greater likelihood of interacting with that content, if it’s bringing them real value and you should be able to measure the effectiveness of the how good you’re doing it this idea by seeing where your engagements are, seeing what posts are engaged with more often. Hey, what posts are getting the most comments in my feed, the most likes, the most shares, the most clicks, whatever it is, however you’re measuring engagement, see how people are reacting to the content that you’re putting out there and start to put out more content that drives value than you are asking for something. And I believe I know that you’re going to see a difference in the way that your social feed affects your business, your organization, your product sales, whatever it is, I think it’s going to have a great effect on it and we call that the 10 to one rule. 

Well, again, I’m so thankful you guys are watching, these videos I really enjoy making them I like just talking about this stuff. If you can’t tell it’s a part of who I am it’s a part of my blood. Video Marketing is a fun, fun topic, and there’s lots that we can continue to talk about. So if you’re watching these videos, do me a favor, leave me a question down below in these comments. Leave me any question that you want to talk about here on this channel, whether it has to do with creating animations, marketing video, working in a small business, whatever it is, let’s talk about it. I’m an open book, I’ll talk about it with you. So we’re going to talk about those things right here and we’re just going to continue to bring you these videos, these little pieces of content that hopefully bring value to your life. 

Again, my name is Joel Young, we are Please go check out our website and order your own animation video today. We’ll get it back to you in a couple of weeks and we guarantee that you’re going to love it hundred percent US based team you can’t go wrong. Until next time guys, keep creating and keep having fun.