If you’re considering an explainer video, you’ve probably started shopping around, trying to find the right provider and fit for your business or organization. As you’ve been looking around, you may have noticed that there are quite a few different price points ranging from very affordable to extremely expensive. So, the natural question is, “Can an affordable explainer video work as well as an expensive one?” The answer is “Absolutely!” Here are three reasons why we believe an affordable explainer video is often the best choice.

It’s all about the story

Regardless of the price point, the purpose and intention behind creating an explainer video is the same. You want to create brand awareness, explain a concept, promote an idea or introduce a new product. To boil it down: You want to tell your story.  This can certainly be done with an affordable explainer video. You may think that the only way to effectively communicate your message is with a completely custom graphics and animation package – which can run up costs dramatically – when in reality, your designer and video creator can recommend a design plan and visual strategy that will communicate what you’re looking for, while keeping your costs much lower.

From quality visuals, to professional voiceover, and editing, you can effectively convey the story you need to tell with an affordable explainer video.

Faster turnaround times

When working with large agencies or video creation shops, not only are they typically more expensive, but their turnaround times are much longer. This is often the opposite with a more affordable explainer video company. Less expensive videos, with custom visualization, are able to be created in a much shorter amount of time. This is a huge benefit to businesses and organizations that need to not only find an affordable option, but a quick one too. In fact, some videos can be turned around in 7 days or less.

More videos for the same money

One of the biggest benefits of an affordable explainer video, is not just the cost savings on that one video, but what you can do with those savings. By spending less on one video, you will have the ability to create multiple videos for the same cost as one very expensive video. This means you could create a series of videos to describe your different service offerings, a batch of videos going over the purpose or benefits of a particular product or even a course of videos to educate your audience. And the more videos you have out there working for you 24/7, the more exposure the world has to your business, organization, or product! More videos, with less cost, is just one of the major benefits of an affordable explainer video.

So, while you may feel like you have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality product or result, the truth is – YOU DON’T! What you need is the right mix of quality, affordability, and experience to create something that will suit your needs and not break the bank. An affordable explainer video has so many benefits and really can work as well as its expensive counterpart in communicating your message. Want to see how affordable and easy creating an explainer video can be? Get started on yours right here.