’Tis the season to be jolly… with amazing videos that excite your customers and drive more sales! This doesn’t have to be a holiday miracle. Video marketing is an affordable, highly effective way to connect with your audience. Here are our tips on making the most of it this holiday season.

1. Be authentic

Everyone can sniff out a generic holiday message. It’s no better than receiving a holiday card that merely says “Merry Christmas.” If you’d like to stand out from your competitors, don’t be afraid to get personal in your holiday messaging. Create a video with greetings from members of your team, or show all the holiday hubbub among your elves… er, employees. Skip the sales talk for a moment and simply spread a bit of cheer.

Great example: The United States Postal Service’s “Home” ad depicts the hard work of postal employees as they ensure that families get their packages in time for the holidays. The video lets the footage take the lead, using only an iconic Christmas song as its soundtrack. It’s authentic, engaging, and definitely makes you want to thank your postal carrier.

2. Tell a story

People may not be gathering around fireplaces this year, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear a good story. Sometimes, the best marketing campaigns are those that tap into something greater. Speak to the universal themes and warm fuzzies that your audience cares about. In your video, tell a simple story that mirrors your company’s values rather than pushes your products.

Great example: Apple’s “Share Your Gifts” video depicts its main character hiding her talents from the world, until a happy accident causes her writings to be spread around the village, and she sees how much her work impacts people. The video is heartwarming and inspiring, and the fact that the character uses a Mac is secondary to the overall plot and themes.

3. Help viewers imagine a better holiday

2020 has been a stressful year, and people are eager to indulge, relax, and be inspired this holiday season. If your products and services can help in any way, play that up in your video ads. Illustrate what the holidays will be like if customers choose your brand. Think about broader themes rather than features and discounts. If you offer expedited shipping, free gift-wrapping, or other perks, you can include those, but keep the focus on the overall benefits.

Great example: Hallmark’s “Warm Their Hearts” video tells the story of a lonely old widower who rejects everyone’s attempts to contact him — until a young neighbor gives him a Hallmark card. It’s cheesy, emotional, and everything we expect from Hallmark. The video depicts Hallmark cards as more than a piece of paper; they’re an opportunity for true connection.

Your Best Holiday Video Yet!

The key to successful video marketing is to avoid hard selling and instead tap into the holiday spirit. The world’s most successful brands do this perfectly. Their products are a backdrop to the stories they tell, whether they’re showing what their employees do (USPS), the values they hold (Apple), or how their products’ benefits transcend the physical item (Hallmark). So, this holiday season, make your videos from the heart — and warm your customers’ hearts in the process.