If you’ve been searching the web for quick and inexpensive ways to create an affordable animated explainer video for your company, you’ve probably started to draw some conclusions about the process. The first conclusion most people come to is that using a large creative firm to create the video will cost WAY too much – thousands of dollars in fact, on average. Sure, you’ll likely get a great result, but most small businesses and entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to create one video at that price point, let alone the suite of consistent content that is needed to drive organic traffic and real conversions in today’s online marketplace. 

This is precisely what drives most consumers to option number two…the do-it-yourself approach. There are no shortage of web-based options out there that will give you the tools to create your own animation video. For anywhere from $500-$1,500 annually you can purchase a membership to use this software and create your own videos. However, there is one HUGE problem that most overlook. 

Having the tools to do the job, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it well (or at all)!

Take plumbing as a parallel example – something the average homeowner would never tackle on their own. I mean, you can go down the local home center and acquire all the tools to do the job, one of the employees can probably even tell you what tools you need, and it will certainly be cheaper than hiring a professional. But the fact is, most people would never tackle something as complicated as a plumbing issue on their own. Why? It’s simple…

They don’t have the experience required to do the job properly!

And knowing that their failed attempt could cost them more in the long run, most homeowners leave the plumbing work to a trained professional. 

Creating an animated explainer video to represent your business is no different! Sure, you can go out and rent all the tools to do the job, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful in doing the job well. Often times, you end up wasting valuable staff time, focus, and money in the pursuit of “saving money”.

This is exactly why we started Jump Start Video. Most of the videos we create cost the same or less than a subscription to one of the do-it-yourself websites! How you ask? Well, we have intentionally built a small, but stable US-based team that uses these same web-based tools to create great videos quickly and affordably. With years of experience and more than 10,000 videos under our belt, we have the expertise and knowledge to create the video you’re looking for without breaking your budget.

So, if you’re considering a do-it-yourself project…give your other options a second look. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.