Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube… the list goes on and one of the platforms your company needs to stay active on in order to stay relative. It can be a lot to keep up with – not to mention actually growing followers and subscribers. When it comes to YouTube, growing your channel and increasing subscribers is very important, but it requires a lot of content to be created and published on a regular basis. Keeping up with this cycle can be tough, but explainer video animation is an amazing tool that simplifies the process and can help grow your channel too!

How Can I Use Explainer Video Animation to Grow My Company’s YouTube Channel?

Offer value through explainer video animation to potential customers. 

This is all about adding value or education to someone who hasn’t even purchased with your business yet but might if given the right information. The first step though is creating information that is valuable enough, that a potential customer will first subscribe to learn more and check out more videos, ultimately getting them more acquainted with your brand and helping grow your channel.

What does this look like? Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re a health and fitness supplement company. While your mission is to sell Whey Protein, BCAA’s and other products, part of your strategy is growing your YouTube channel and becoming known as a subject matter expert. So, instead of pushing your company’s products, start by creating a series of explainer video animations that talk about the benefits of these TYPES of products. Why is Whey Protein good for you? How do BCAA’s benefit you during a workout? Utilize explainer video animations to establish subject matter expert status and then work towards promoting your products and explaining them more in-depth through your channel as it grows. 

Educate viewer’s about your product in a more in-depth way. 

The cool thing about YouTube is the playlist feature. On your channel you can create a series of videos, add it into a playlist and as someone clicks on one video, the next will begin playing right after. This allows you to create a series of videos about each of your products or services and go into their features more in-depth. You can also use this method for a “how-to” series for current clients or customers so they check out your channel for more tips and tricks on how to use their new product. Explainer video animations are a great medium to do this. 

Once you add additional value to the product they already have, chances are they’ll want to subscribe and stick around to see what other things you may have to offer, continuing to grow your channel. 

Create an entertainment value that keeps people coming back. 

The great thing about explainer video animations is that in their nature, they are fun and entertaining. This is an extremely important element to growing your company’s youtube channel. While your product or service may be more serious, your YouTube channel is a place to kick back a little and keep it fun. 

You want subscribers and potential subscribers to think “I wonder if they have a new upload this week. Their videos are always so awesome and fun!” Even when it comes to business or educational matters, people long for entertainment value. Give that to your viewer’s and your channel will grow! 

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